Whats the deal with RTS vs UD?

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by PharmaPhunk, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. PharmaPhunk

    PharmaPhunk Banned

    This whole morning I read about RTS vs UD and who's a scammer and who's not, etc. I'm really not 100% weary-free of either side, but I am inclined to trust UD, and RC.org more so then this one 'admin' at RTS.

    So what is the non-biased truth to this all?
  2. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    The non-biased truth is simple. It is an immature war between opposing boards. The RTS admin is a methed out paranoid freak who has nothing better to do then rant about shit he completely makes up, then compliment himself using different handles on his own board. Undrugged is safe, its just a vendor database. RTS is not, hundreds of people are logging onto that forum each day and i garuantee not all of them are friendly.
  3. the war is between rts and rc I have yet to see an official undrugged representative say anything about either of those forums
  4. AuraithX

    AuraithX Member

    There is no war between rc and RTS. a rc org member scammed a few people, ended up getting banned. admin assumes our entire board was promoting and in on this scam. That's how it all started. I dug up a little dirt on him (a reverse registrant search on his email shows he has ran various scams - his more well known board "Pharmacyrater" is no.26) he got pissy and then declared a full scale war :D

    RTS is mad because UD provides unbaised information about vendors.

    RTS was the initial reason undrug was so shit (he spammed it)

    The RTS admin is best to be ignored, weather or not you agree with him..with the amount of shit he's stirred up that board is definitely being watched.
  5. Semorex

    Semorex Member

    I think they are both sketchy as hell.

    RTS only has a few vendors on there and most of the heavily used ones are not there seems strange like they are ether paid advertising or scamming.

    Undrugged just seems plain sketchy they way it is set up and people promote it with multiple user names and such just some sketchy people involved always try to collect to much info from the community. Basically they act and smell exactly like LE.

    If it was all for the good of the RC community why would there be all this bullshit surrounding it on both sides and why would people put them selves in that kind of position of risk? And no I don’t have proof the are LE or scammers I just have a good feeling and a vast majority of people that have been studying RCs for a while have a good feeling also just by the actions and sketchy behavior surrounding these boards.

    And I’m sure people from undrugged will attack me and say I am from RTS, but I have no personal reasons to put down any of them they are all just sketchy. The reason people post about this using new accounts is because you guys live on the Internet 40 hours a week and trash anyone’s user name that post any thing skeptical about you.

    Maybe I am wrong and these guys are just RC saints and doing it all for the good of the community but I doubt it….

    To be honest there is plenty of info in the Scam Source thread to review a vendor and no one can collect mass sources from it or get paid for advertising from it.

    No need to go to these sketchy boards and play into their games.
  6. AuraithX

    AuraithX Member

    ^ I don't think any undrugged officials have commented.

    This all started because someone claimed the invalid security certificate on undrugged had stolen $300 out of their paypal account.

    I simply posted, saying that (as a IT Professional) there are no known exploits for security certificates that would be capable of doing that.

    I'm not associated with undrugged. I am associated with RCO.
  7. the thing is all the people who have been around for ever DO trust undrugged. I have been on this forum alone for like almost three years I think and I have been around this scene for more than five years, I think I know who the old timers are, and all the old timers I know trust undrugged, don't trust RTS and have no problem with r-c as a whole.

    S'all i'm sayin man, you can say what you want but I know it is bullshit because you say the old timers don't trust undrugged but I have yet to find any of them who don't.

    The only people talking shit about Undrugged are either brand spanking new or affiliated with a forum that is affiliated with Rater, hell not only the old timers know not to trust him everyone with half a brain does he took pride in destroying undrug and now he is obviously trying to do the same thing to undrugged, because he runs scam forums and wants all the stupid newbies to go to his forum that he censors to hell instead of places like undrug and undrugged which are for the good of the community and not trying to trick people into scams by mixing legit sources with scam sources on a scam forum to intentionally sucker people. Does anyone see this behavior taking place on undrugged? Then it isn't a scam forum! if it is people trying to harvest vendors, too late they have one thousand some listed already. If it is LE, which I highly fucking doubt since a whois shows it is based in panama who have horrible relations with LE, who cares? do you think they don't already know all the sources that would ever be listed on a website like undrugged?

    Rater ruined undrug because it was weak, then undrugged came and undrugged seems to have been designed WITH HIM IN MIND so he is pissed off even more so than usual but can't go ruin undrugged because of all the security measures (especially post size limits and no back to back posts, raters favorite way of ruining undrug was posting huge posts a hundred times in all the vendor threads so no one can read anything). So since he cant go ruin undrugged directly he is trying to make it useless to the newer members of the community by getting them so scared of it they wont use it.

    Then all the newbies start to panic and it is like a game of telephone starting with a deranged lunatic posting rambling bullshit and ending with new people saying things in good faith (but with bad results) like undrugged is so sketchy I hear it steals your paypal information oh it is run by confirmed scammers or oh it is LE even though they don't really know shit about it but what they hear from rater and his horde of scamming cronies (And the innocent people they trick, not saying everyone he is affiliated with is a scammer just saying that he sure for hell is and a lot of other usernamers sure as hell are that are affiliated with him)

    RTS has become for Undrugged what PR was for Undrug, only this time rater ( the owner or close affiliate of the owner of both RTS and PR) is getting his ass handed to him so instead of cluttering up undrug he can only clutter up the forums and try to kill undrugged before it even gets started. If undrugged ever got the respect that undrug had it would prove to be a stab in the heart of a huge scam crew, and that has rater scared since he is at the center of it.

    1. Has anyone bitched about their posts being censored on Undrugged? Actually, no, have YOU as an individual seen any post censoring on Undrugged? On your own posts?

    2. If rater or the RTS people are so right, why do they have to come off like ignorant stupid crazy assholes? Why are their tactics so low key? Spamming boards that are pillars of the community? (and Undrug WAS a huge pillar of the community in more ways than you can imagine, it ushered in a golden time sort of era and everyone was happy untill Rater came along and made undrug totally unusable, and also started spreading rumors about random people who were pillars of the community, and also started a bunch of scam forums and started spreading rumors about the non scam forums to scare newbies to him and away from the established community.

    Essentially he tried to take the community over and fill it with his scams, and the methods he used for this were dubious and many. And his newest method, after his last failed one (good bye undrug hello undrugged), is to spread shit about undrugged to the newbies and get them brainwashed before they even know shit. He is attacking the newbies by trickery because he failed to beat the old timers by force, but the old timers are TRYING to lend a hand and explain the situation out of courtesy.

    I mean I am not even saying shit that isn't obvious just look at the facts and you can see who is sane and who is crazy and you can sort of put it together.
  8. Yeh 99% of people over on RC.org are good people. The whole board cant be blamed for one or two bad apples, when, if they appear, are shot out of the community like any other board would do.

    RTS just has over expresses everything. the 1% of truth may be blown up to 125 different storys which are totally fabricated.

    Not like i actually care just my tuppence worth, as usuall.

    undrugg is just smart. Not a scame and not biased inmho. Anyone makes a board like that is the method, thee owner has all the sources. nobody esle. yet you can still get the info.

    No im not affiliated kthx =)
  9. what a huge surprise I finally made RTS hall of shame, that is like a badge of honor.

    I am retarded yep ok you are right sorry I slandered your name man, it's cool I don't want problems I let the truth as I see it be heard it is out there its in peoples own hands who they trust I don't care. If I am wrong about the situation my apologies, but I am pretty sure I am not. I don't have beef with RTS, I just don't trust them.
  10. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    Haha yes you (phen) and hipforums has officially been targeted.

    RTS admin- put down the fucking meth pipe and take a nap. No one takes you seriously anymore. All you do is rant from the safety of your own forum and them compliment yourself with different handles you created yourself. Grow the fuck up.
  11. CmonNow

    CmonNow Member

    Hey Phen, Are you the phenresearch from back in the day at the old undrug? Anyway there isnt any war. The people engaging in this back and forth are doing it of there own accord. Most people , like me, just want to find a good community of cultivated friends or old friends. to post review with. Most people who were on RC.org are moved on. Just like im sure alot of people on RTS couldnt give a shit about all this and are just trying to get their sources. So its a few people mad at each other not a war. RTSAdmin has started alot of this shit and is a king of stirring shit up. The best thing to do is to go about your business, ignore him and live my brothers. Hes a huge troll and needs feed to survive. Just let him slander all the people he wants we know the truth and thats all that metters. Im sure alot of you here who were "on the fence" about the subject are starting to see the guys a headcase and makes up lies. Hes why none of us trust each other now. We should be a tight community. I guess I am a bit biased, but I have been around since pharmacyrater and the ruin of the first undrug. It was sad and Undrugged is engaged in no battle I can tell you that with certainty. Just a database like undrug. Noone is vigourously pushing scams there. Thats assanine because if you have ever been to undrugged you know there is no spamming and to read a thread you have to type the name of the vendor into the db. So your not going anywhere if you dont type a sources name in. So whats a scam in that? Posts do not disappear unless theyre off topic and accusatory because drama is NOT allowed. They really fixed the problems that arose with the first db(RIP Undrug) with round the clock moderation. How is that a scam? Its not thats how. Its just more bullshit written to breed mistrust. Why? I dont know. Does RTS admin really believe the shit he posts as facts* on his site? I dont believe so. I think he loves attention negative doesnt matter either. So you have to ignore him. He will stamp his feet and have the whole community in the hall of shame, but atleast he wont be renting space in anyones head
  12. yeah I was phenresearch on undrug, I also agree there is no real war it is just a select few from rc bitching with a select few from RTS accross the entire internet though for some reason.

    Undrugged I have not seen anyone from there make any official comments, RTS I have seen be just batshit crazy in general though.
  13. CmonNow

    CmonNow Member

    lol, Ill send you a pm when I get the time. We know each other from the old Undrug. Probably other places too
  14. cquence

    cquence Member

    You're a fucking liar, undrugged / kss / auraithx / scottie scam. You told you've been around for 5 years but undrug was ruined no more than year ago. How stupid and primitive you look with all this shit and fake accounts, with tons of post that have one stupid idea - pormote undrugged and ingnore rts. And you have no facts behind your words but RTS does. I think you should now go find another place to recruit stupid kids on your scamming undrugged database.
  15. maxCamel

    maxCamel Member

    I have nothing to say bad about the admin at RTS, and I was banned for saying useless shit..to never ne allowed again.
    he wont email me or i cant even read the hall of shame, but I had no problem over there.
  16. AuraithX

    AuraithX Member

    lol. Hi Toxic!

    Yeah, the facts linking you to various scam sites are completely fabricated by the good people over at whois.com
  17. cquence

    cquence Member

    Hi general scammer. I'm not RTS admin just a member there. Admin said he is not related to Toxic and you can't prove he is. That's PHARMACYRATER on that whois records, not RTS. Don't try to fool me, prove your words or shut up.
  18. cquence

    cquence Member

    Just found a thread on RTS exposing hipforums scams. I have nothing to add! Discussion closed, relax undrugged, you're dead :)
  19. maxCamel

    maxCamel Member

    Im not in this and dont want to be but prove your words or shut up sounds very familiar.
  20. kool_thus

    kool_thus Member

    so now hipforums is a scam too?
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