What's the Best Qabala site?

Discussion in 'Judaism' started by al-Hallaj Kabir Ali, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Hi al-Hallaj.

    Generally in English when something is spelled qaballa with a q it's referring to hermetic qabala while if it's kabbalah with a k it's referring to the Jewish stuff. There are a lot of pages with information, however, because kabbalah isn't one system but rather a collection of systems that share things in common the information can vary a little. Also some approaches are from a traditional perspective and some more scholarly. Some of these resources incorporate hasidus (imo an important development in Jewish mysticism) while others do not. The following sites may be of interest:

    (more traditional site. A lot a lot of info from a more hasidic perspective.)

    (academic. some nice translations of a few primary sources.)

    (more traditional. hasidic perspective.)

    (more contemporary. very good with analogies for certain concepts, and fairly unadorned, plain English explanations.)

    (Same lineage as the guy who started the kabbalah centres but took it in a different direction. In my experience some of their students get a little fanatical. One of the things they do is try to talk about kabbalah in the framework of modern science.)

    (The first one is a very very brief description of the kabbalastic understanding of creation and the second is a hasidic anecdote about the significance of action vs. spiritual devotion.)

    (info on sefer yetzirah)

    (very important text circa the 18th c. by R. Moshe Chaim Luzzatto.)

    (This one is a very cool gematria calculator)

    (Goes over the Torah one word at a time.)

    (a lot of different essays, many taken from books, about kabbalah from both traditional and academic perspectives.)

    Okay, that's a fairly diverse selection. Try not to get lost. :) --Dauer
  3. Thanks! I have been looking into "The Work of the Chariot" but I know there'a a lot out there. I come from the viewpoint of Carlo Suares, if that helps, but it probably is Hermetic. Agains, thanks!
  4. the dauer

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