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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by crackforkids, May 26, 2004.

  1. crackforkids

    crackforkids Senior Member

    ok, so i went out and bought some extract and smoked the hell outa it. i brokethrough and got to like a level 3-4 or somethin. well its very disphoric and uncomfortable. the "visuals" i could acheive through a medatative state personally. i mean, it wasnt worth it at all. do you all do it cause it "shamanistic" or somethin? why not just get some mushrooms or DMT? maybe i'll hit some 20x extract before i die, but 5x extract was bullshit.
  2. i don't know about DMT but you need a couple hours for a mushroom trip. Salvia is a fun time that only lasts a couple minutes and is probably cheaper. I've had some really funky trips on salvia.
  3. gnrm23

    gnrm23 Senior Member

    not everbody will want to return to salvia-space...
    & "fun" may not be the exact description of what's going on, even for people who actually like hojas de pastora...
  4. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I enjoy salvia experiences but would not consider it a "fun" time. Salvia space is sacred, at least that is how I feel once in it and I tend to approach salvia as a spiritual teacher plant. Mushroom and acid trips are more of a fun time for me, while being enlightening, you can maintain a control where as with salvia, she is in control. Some nights it just doesn't happen and other nights, it's a powerful journey without ego into pure realms of spirit. I would not write off salvia so soon, you might be surprised sometime. :)
  5. TN.Frank

    TN.Frank Member

    For one thing Salvia is LEGAL so you don't have to worry about getting busted for having it. Also, like has been said, Salvia is a "Teacher Plant", it's not really for fun, it's for opeing up your mind so you can learn something. Either about your self or the world in general. Alot of insight comes after the trip and not during. It's like when someone tells you a joke and a few hours later you get it and laugh, you didn't understand it at first but after you pondered on it you came to understand it. That's how Salvia is for me, I may not have any "deep thoughts" while I'm on the trip but later on I'll think of something and go "damn, that's interesting". Relax and enjoy it and you just may learn something. ;)
  6. Last Salvia Trip: I felt thousands/millions of single points (kind of like when you get a tingling sensation) but the points were actually beings.... like spirits or something. The points had no dimensions, and I couldn't see them, but I knew they where there. They then started pulling away at my reality like my vision was a page of a book, and they were pulling at the top left corner, and the part of the other side that I saw was just flowing colors... really weird trip.

    The time before that: I kept looking at a shadow on my ceiling and saying it was god looking at me. I had my guitar on me and it felt like it weighed 200 pounds. Whatever was in the ceiling looking at me was holding the guitar down so I couldn't get up... That same day, my friend said he felt like he was going through a porthole. But he kind of laughs the whole thing off and keeps saying how he feels instead of keeping his mouth shut and flowing with it.
  7. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Nice to see you back TNFrank. :)

    BuffaloSoldier, I can relate to the heavy gravity and points of light. The first time I tried salvia I was surrounded by beautiful bits of light that were very much alive.
  8. TN.Frank

    TN.Frank Member

    :) Glad to be back FN. Here is an example of what I'm talking about in my previous post. I smoked a Sailva joint Tuesday night, got a nice strong level 1 buzz that lasted for about 2 hours and that was it BUT THEN- Last night I had this strange dream. I was part of a religious sect called The Hasine(No such group, I did a Google on it and came up with nothing). I thought we were a Jewish sect but we held The Christ and Saints in the highest reguard, even higher then God himself. We wore our robes off of the left shoulder for some reason and would burn insence to idols of Christ and the Saints. While this was a very strange dream the real fun begins this morning when I wake up. I start thinking about the dream and about order in our lives. I then think about the order in MY life. How I get up every morning and turn on the computer then go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. I do the same thing each and every morning, same steps in making the tea, almost like a religious practice. I think to myself, "this is interesting" it seems like even if someone doesn't follow a religion they still "practice" some kind of order in their lives, and isn't that really what religion is all about-order. Even if someone worshiped chaos in doing so there would be an order to it. It's like order is good, order is god and anything that breaks that order is bad/evil because it goes against what is normal, what is orderly. Most people are right handed, it goes against that order to be left handed. That's why people that follow an alternative religion like Shamanism or wicca are said to "follow the left hand path", because it's not the norm, it's not right handed. I think order is important in our lives because it sets up a vibration in our lives that help to regulate it. Like the quartz crystal in a watch that vibrates at a certain freq. to regulate the watch so it'll keep time, order, ritual, religion helps to set up a frequency in our lives in order to regulate them.
    This is just an example of the kind of deep thoughts you get from using Salvia and like I've said, it sometimes doesn't come with the trip, it could be the next day or even a week later. It's like Salvia is lube for the gears of the mind. It lets the mind work more freely to think about things that we normally wouldn't think of or it sheads new light on things that we already know. Talk to ya'll later.
  9. redgreenvines

    redgreenvines Member

    that is very interesting discovery, tnfrank

    very interesting indeed.

    the emergence of an openminded parallelism at work in dream and real life, I have had that going on a lot. very helpful.

    they talk about using salvia to find things.

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