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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by PinkEye, Jul 13, 2013.

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    My best friend of 24 years went to jail a few days ago. He was being held on failure to appear charges on some disrupting the peace ticket he got. After he got out he finally moves his shit into my apartment. My other roommate and I had been planning on having him as our new roommate for a few months. Shes known him for 12ish years. So I have my two best friends in the world living with me and things are good. I asked him what happened with the whole jail thing. He kinda avoided it at first. But then he told me that he called the cops on himself. He said he'd been hearing voices telling him they were gonna kill him. He described his time in jail about them moving him from section to section ending up in the mental ward. He told me about him trying to saw into his wrist with a comb. They assumed he was faking it to get SSI. Then his uncle bailed him out and he moved in.

    The nest day or day after that I hear him leave. I was laying in bed. I assume he thought I was gone. He had only been there a couple days. But whenever I wasn't home he'd leave to his cousins house. I left for work that night and I tacked a note on his door. Said I work till 10pm that night but I'd bee off the two days after so stay home. My other roommate said she had a talk with him and he didn't seem well. I wanted to have another talk to see what was going on. I got to work and I was training a new guy. Then I see his mother in the parking lot. She asks me to come outside. She tells me while he was at his cousins he started screaming about magic and people casting spells on him. He was delirious and flailing about. She told me he's in the hospital and they won't let anyone see him not even her. She took my number and said she'd let me know whats going on. That was about 22 hours ago.

    Thats really all im thinking about today.. That and i have pinkeye which kinda sucks.

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