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Discussion in 'Gig List' started by guerillabedlam, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    So its just under 2 weeks before I see tool for the second time and the first time seeing them indoors. I am extremely excited and reflecting on past shows ive been to. What is the best concert/performance you've been to?

    My personal favorite was seeing Rage Against the Machine in 1999 at the Oakland Arena. There were huge mosh pits 15 mins before they even came on and when the lights' dropped the place just exploded with a sober energy I had not seen before then or since. It truly was a musical hurricane of a performance and they maintained the high energy all the way through giving very little speeches between songs or wasting much time. I was surprised the building was still left standing and one guy jumped from about 25 feet up from these rafters while everyone was screaming the lyrics to 'killing in the name of' which pretty much summed the evening
  2. Amsler

    Amsler Member

    hmm I think my favorite, although I'm definitely not like, a connoisseur or anything, was the Mars Volta & the second time I saw dir en grey.

    although miyavi can kick some fucking ass live, even if you don't like his music, he rips up the guitar on stage, no lie. very bluesy, very nice. :]
  3. jacobfredjo

    jacobfredjo Senior Member

    tough call between two shows:

    1.) The Everyone Orchestra @ Wakarusa Festival, 2006 (?)
    -they filled in for Ozric Tentacles who cancelled the day before. Drummer from EOTO/String Cheese, keyboard player from RAQ, fiddle from Railroad Earth, Dulcimer (ancient zither) from Zilla, Kora (african harp), guitar, and bass from Toubab Krewe, singer from Asylum St. Spankers, and a couple other rando's... needless to say, almost a dozen of the finest musicians on one stage at the same time produced probably the best show ive ever witnessed. you can dl this show for free off archive.org, just search for everyone orchestra wakarusa

    2.) PRAANG @ Sonic Bloom Festival, 2008. Steve Kimock on elec. guitar, Jamie Janover on hammered Dulcimer from Zilla (same guy from everyone orchestra), Micahel Travis on bass/synths, and Jason hann on drums. the last two guys make up a band called EOTO. it was the best live electronic show ive ever seen, just incredible. watch the vid at iclips.net/watch/praang

    out of the hundreds of shows ive seen in the last 10 years, these two were unparalled.
  4. My favorite was when I saw AC/DC in Manchester in 2009. I've been obsessed with AC/DC for years and when I finally got the chance to see them it was amazing. I had shit seats, right in the nosebleeds, but it was still amazing. Couldn't speak for a while afterwards cos of all the shouting :). I bought a packet of crisps that I didn't end up eating for some reason, and I've actually still kept them unopened, as a kind of momento lol
  5. 2barefeet

    2barefeet Member

    I was in their mosh pit Glastonbury 94, great fun.

    But my all time best gig was Johnny Cash - same festival (and stage) as above. Having been brought up on a diet of Johnny Cash music it was so amazing to see him and June live on stage, their presence was incredible. A true superstar! :sunny:


    when i saw Jay-z and the whole rocafella in concert in NEW YORK
  7. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311


    sounds like an awesome Rage show, GB
  8. machinist

    machinist Banned Lifetime Supporter

    the flaming lips..

    i'm going to rhcp later this month though.
  9. Probably Iggy & The Stooges here at Nuit de Fourvières, Lyon couple of years back.. more recently, The Kills..
  10. r0llinstoned

    r0llinstoned Gute Nacht, süßer Prinz

    Hyper Crush
  11. Manservant Hecubus

    Manservant Hecubus Master of Funk and Evil

    Pink Floyd - Exhibition Stadium 1994?
    Roger Daltry & Friends - Kingswood 1994

    What a great year for shows.
  12. 12barblues

    12barblues Member

    I've seen a few big shows...but the best i ever saw was buddy guy at a tiny theater , maybe 1,500 people. I took a friend of mine, a guy that really wasnt all that into music...and as we were walking out after the show he looked at me and said" damn ,I feel like i'm buddy's best friend". i dont know if it was the small venue or just buddy's fine showmanship...but it was amazing and i've seen rush and metallica and aerosmith but this was different.
  13. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    ZZ Top, World Wide Texas Tour, Pittsburgh June 12 1976. Google it ;)
  14. wetsocks

    wetsocks there's no one driving

    aside from random bands playing in bars, i've only been to a couple. The Rolling Stones, in 2005 or 6, and Jethro Tull in 2008, and either one would have been lightyears better had i been able to see them 30 years ago. but Tull gets the nod, even though Ian Anderson lost his voice


    Meek millz concert at a small club in philly
  16. BlueLightRain

    BlueLightRain Member

    The Dead, Rosemont Illinois 5/5/09. It was my first experience being at a Real Dead show. Before that, I had been to a few festivals and a few other concerts but nowhere with the energy of the Grateful Dead parking lot. So many people coming together as a family, strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hand. I had an extra ticket that I gave away to some girl that was in a band called Ghandolf and the Hobbits. I still have their cd she gave me. I met up with a couple of friends from my hometown and we took it all in for a few hours before the show. We went our separate ways when the show started because my seat was closer (left stage, behind. about 10 rows back.) and I wanted to be as close as possible. The show was spectacular! Warren Haynes on guitar, the Rhythm Devils! The Phil Bombs! I felt like I got treated to a special moment in Grateful Dead History that night. The set was amazing, The musicians were amazing and it set my soul on fire.
  17. NoxiousGas

    NoxiousGas Old Fart

    First concert ever attended, Great show;
    Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour)
    Oct. 9th, 1974, San Diego Sports arena
    Went with my parents, but went to the floor area and some guys just kept handing me joint after joint, and I hadn't even been smoking weed for a month yet. I even bought a bag stuffed with weed, at least 1 1/2 ounces, for ten bucks from one of them.

    Best concert I ever attended that I have almost no memory of;
    Yes, Fri, May 25, 1979 Long Beach, Ca.
    Went with friends who I quickly got separated from. I consumed speed, two hits of something called "T" (was like a PCP/LSD combo) and made my way to my seat 12 rows from the stage just as the T started to hit me, somebody passed me a joint and that's the last thing I clearly remember from that night, but I know I had a good time, just don't remember it. :p

    Best I remember was Harry Chapin at a very small club (maybe the Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, Ca. not sure though) around 1976-77.
    my mom loved Harry Chapin and so I begrudgingly went along with her. Turned out to be one of the best nights ever. Only a few hundred people max, seats less then 20 feet from the stage, etc.
    What was awesome was that above all else Chapin was a great storyteller, the type of stories about "everyman" that any and all could relate too. He would provide the background story for each song before they would perform it.
    I clearly remember that as he was telling one such tale someone from the audience threw a big fat joint up onto the stage. Harry stopped, looked at it, then said "No thanks, I brought my own." then proceeded to take a joint out of his pocket, get a light from some girl in the front row and then took a couple of hits and passed it back to his band members, then continued with his song/tale.
  18. My favorite would have to be Heaven & Hell, during their last tour before Dio's time was up at an awsome outside concert venue.
  19. Andre Nickatina.

    Did my first gram of Yayo at that concert.
  20. redcloud

    redcloud Member

    Hard to choose between Queen Adreena in 2005 and The Hives in 2011 in London.

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