What type of shoes do you wear if you are not barefoot

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by slartibartfas0815, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. I really like to be shoeless now in summer, haven't worn shoes for about a week now. :) But there are situations, when being barefeet is difficult or just not an option. If you expect the place you want to go to to be very dirty (cullets for example) or when it is not warm enough in winter.

    So what kind of shoes do you wear then? In summer I wear flip-flops most of the time when I can't be barefoot. When it becomes colder I switch to chucks or sneakers made of leather.

    But I don't like that, was just thinking about how nice it is to be barefoot and how unpleasent it will be in winter, when even flip-flops are no option.

    So my question: what type of shoes do you like to wear if you can't go barefoot?
  2. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

  3. Shakti_Om

    Shakti_Om Local Pixie

    The only time I can't or won't go barefoot is on a couple of farms I must visit once a week. I have to collect produce for the market and I wear a pair of 'rigger' style boots out of respect for their health & safety rules.
    Otherwise I'm barefoot all year round :)

    Shayla x
  4. Mason Grey

    Mason Grey Member

    i wear weird Italian sandals everywhere,
    i fucking love them, i bought 4 pairs when i was in Italy,
    becasue i wear out sandals/shoes very very fast......
    they are real similar to birkenstocks
  5. Okay, when it comes to safety on a farm, boots are better than sandals, I think. But I would never wear boots. I wore boots sometimes as I was a child (was forced to), they felt so uncomfortable, so I always got rid of them as fast as possible.

    Is it warm in winter where you live? Here I could not imagine being barefoot when there is snow on the ground ...
  6. Hm, I wore fake crocs once and I found them not very comfortable. I was sweating wearing them. They have holes everywhere and are open in the back so I don't know why I was sweating. I never wore real crocs, though. I find them too expensive for just a pair of plastic shoes ...
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  7. I know birkenstocks and ... well, not my style. But no offense, they are really popular, so I say nothing against them. Just not my thing. :)

    Do you wear them even in winter? I am just looking for an alternative to chucks or sneakers for the (hopefully late) coming winter.
  8. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

    The crocs that I have right now are years old. Admittedly I don't wear them often but they sure as hell are comfortable and hardwearing. I do wear boots to work. Pick axes and bare feet just don't go ;)
  9. Okay, if someday I have more money, I will try. :)

    I can imagine that. I am a student, so I don't have to deal a lot with pick axes. Fortunately. I am really awkward when it comes to such work. Boots wouldn't help, I would have to wear a knight armor ... :)
  10. Tech Mo

    Tech Mo Member

    In Summer for work I would wear flip flops. In Winter, deck shoes. Easy to slip on and off.
  11. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    I hate both shoes and socks together, too constrictive IMHO. I opt for my thin soled leather flip flops, or my hippie buffalo sandals. I have two part time gigs, the dress with both jobs are blue jeans, so I usually wear open back shoes with no socks.
  12. a skater gotta wear skate shoes
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  13. nuspieds

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    I gave up socks years ago.

    Nice feeling.
  14. dvldg5

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    I have rope sandals for the summer and I have minimalist shoes (sneakers and boots) from Lems shoes.
  15. Manu1990

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    i have read a few of your posts about going barefeet in winter and i think i will try it next winter too.

    the shoes i wore last winter are falling apart and will definitely not make it through next winter if i wear them everyday. so i thought about buying a pair of used shoes or at least sandals for next winter. but i wont do it, i will just try to stay barefeet when it gets colder. for a few days when it gets really cold here my old shoes will last i think.

    are you never wearing shoes except for visiting the farm? even when it is snowing? do you have any advices for a until now only summer barefoot girl?
  16. Shakti_Om

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    I grew up with parents who didn't bother much with shoes so for me it was there at the start. I'm really stubborn and would rather be cold than wear shoes, it's just the way I am :)
    I moved to the UK a few years ago. Sure it was colder but I was supprised how quickly I got used to it. The weather here is fairly temperate. Sure there has been some snow, but not enough to freeze my toes off!
    My advice if I have anything is be sure, be confident and remember there are places nature did design without human feet in mind. Generally though it's no problem after some time, feet adjust really quick.

    Also I live in Glastonbury, which is home of the alternative, hippie and far out kids like me :2thumbsup:

    Shayla x
  17. uniped

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    I usually wear a flip-flop on my foot.
  18. Manu1990

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    i really like that. and i can also be very stubborn. :)

    in winter we have not much snow here too so i think it will work.

    if i have to go to such places i will wear my old shoes. i think they will stay wearable for a while if i wear them only occasionally.

    thanks for your advice (and your other postings which brought me to the idea of being barefeet in winter)
  19. PatrickGSR94

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  20. FeralLunar

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    skate shoes if need be..quick to slip on and off. But I also wear long, baggy pants/jeans, so I can get away with barefeet in a lot of places since they can't see my feet

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