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Discussion in 'Cannabis Outdoors' started by zazo, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. zazo

    zazo Member

    i've just recieved 10 seeds of Big Bud today!
    i dont know where to start. should i put them in soil or should i wait a month or what?
    Something else is bothering me: i bought it as indoor/outdoor sort.- what does it mean? - are they good for being grown outside or is it better to be grown indoor=?
    you can check out and give me some advice, please:


    thanks for your reply!
  2. Naturalhi

    Naturalhi Great hairy ape

  3. zazo

    zazo Member

    all i wanted is a short advice. what you gave me to read is too much. i think that this is for advanced growers.

    give me some advice like: put them in soil in middle march :)

    thank you!
  4. cheeky1

    cheeky1 Member

    There real is no short answer to what your asking but Ill try to start you dont say where abouts you are which is needed if your going to be growing outdoors.
    So will start with germanation take the seeds and place them pointed side down in a peat cube or rockwool dampened with plain water and place them over a heat source [mild heat] you want them around 75 degrees and dont let them dry out!
    Dont worry about light until they sprout up.
    When the come up usally in five to ten days then you need some sort of light flourecents are good at this stage do not place under strong light or outside with no cover like a plastic dome.
    After the first set of permanent leaves appear you can feed them
    a mild solution.
    That should get you started but keep in mind ground temp befor you put the babies outside
    Also you can use paper towles for germination but seperating the sprout from the towels is stressfull for them
  5. cheeky1

    cheeky1 Member

    Also Big Bud flowers in 50 to 65 days so the indoor/outdoor means there good to go either way because of the short flowering time you can put them outside later in the year when the ground has warmed up and they will still have time to finish. It all depends on where you are so go to a local garden shop and tell them you planting tomatoe seeds and get there advice.
    Good Luck
  6. fishheadbob

    fishheadbob Member

    I hate to sound like your secondary teacher, but if you don't put in the effort of reading a grow book or tutorial your crop will be bad or none at all.
    You can't just "put them in the soil in middle March" and expect anything except disappointment.
    There's probably an old lady with a vegetable garden down the road from you who has been doing this since 1960, she goes out and fucks with her plants every day. Every day! She knows what she's doing, but she still has to look things up to see why her rutabagas aren't doing what she thinks they should be doing. If you put your seeds in middle March and expect a crop in 4 months when you take another look, guess what...

    Your English is better than most of the stoners on this site, and grow books are in just about every language there is.
  7. Naturalhi

    Naturalhi Great hairy ape

    Told ya so!>P
  8. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    :) Another donation to the seed bank, eh My Hairy Friend?
  9. Naturalhi

    Naturalhi Great hairy ape


    This is why I preach starting out with bagseeds, those little hard oval brown things ya get in a bag of weed that make that popping sound and taste really bad when ya smoke 'em.>)

    If It was easy, even a caveman could do it =>D

    But seriously, zazo we need more info, were you thinking of growing indoor or out? If indoor which lites fans pumps or other; if outdoor where are ya gonna plant it that yer folks won't lose their house if the cops find it? Since yer 18 at least ya won't won't end up in foster care, but visiting yer folks in jail might be a hassle:>|

    Kids don't take growing mj seriously enough, from what I've read on the forums, it's all a game; right up to the point when they end up in Juvy their parents in jail and all their worldly possesions sold to promote the WAR on DRUGS!>O

    That's worse case senario, but I hope I made my point, as long as humans allow other humans to dictate what they may ingest the situation will never change..........OK I'll get off this soap box and let the next weirdo up! BYE!:>D
  10. zazo

    zazo Member

    i am planing to grow it outside. i thought it will be fine if i put them in soil and put them in some room in the house that we are not using. will it grow fine if it won't have ANY direct sun? i hope so ...?. and then when the outdoor temperatures will be a little higher i planed to give them in some nice place in our hills.
    cheeky i didnt uniderstand how to put the seed in the soil.- pointed side down??
    please tell me if it will be fine if my plants won't have any direct sun for one or two months? i didnt plan to make any electric light...
    thank you for reply!
  11. Naturalhi

    Naturalhi Great hairy ape

    /\ The only thing I'd add to this is; put the seedlings in a south facing window to get as much sun time as possible:>)
  12. zazo

    zazo Member

    !thank you all.
    i have just two more questions.:
    - is every seed in this case Big Bud which i boughta female???
    - how much grams produce one plant if the farmer does watering everytime when the plants need water.?

    BLUNTSYDE Member

    u need sunlight if you want your bud to have strong roots and not just die b/c of the weight of the buds. All im sayin is that you need some SUN on your plants about 10 hours of the day.
  14. liquidlight

    liquidlight Senior Member

    yes, pointy end down.

    Last year i started my seeds on a north facing windowsill, it wasn't very bright and we had grey skies mostly, but they did ok for 6 weeks or so until they were big enough to go outdoors.
  15. chuq6

    chuq6 Member

    yes fishheadbob is right raed that shit. It will help you now and later.lol
    Ive been reading St.)ner books all winter now i think i have a shot not to screw up like last year.

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