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Discussion in 'Opiates' started by trojanman22, Feb 15, 2009.

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    alright so i am a regular OC user of about 240-320 mg a day. This weekend my only options were norco and suboxone to get me through. I took the suboxone at 4 this morning, i made sure i felt like i was withdrawing, took 8 mg and waited, nothing. Just more severe withdrawal. I continued to proceed and take 6 more mg. over the next 4 hours thinking maybe i didnt take high enough of a dose. My fear is i accidentally threw myself into precipitated withdrawal. The withdrawal i have right now is almost worse than regular OC withdrawal. My question is if im not feeling an ounce of relief from the sub is it safe for me to take norcos today? Well let me rephrase that i just took 5 about 10 min ago to try and stop the withdrawal but i know i probably fucked up since sub blocks other shit so well. But is there any chance i could take the norco and have it work? Or should i just go through the day in withdrawal and wait till tommorow?
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    How long did you wait.you should wait atleast 24 to 36 hours before you take your Subs..If ya didn't then you most likely through yourself into withdrawl.. It should go away in a couple of hours
  3. trojanman22

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    that it then i only waited 12 hrs thanks oxyrisin
  4. Yeah, this is correct.
    And then, you have to wait at least 72 hours to use again after subs.

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