what should i name my new peace?? (pics)

Discussion in 'Show Your Piece' started by skittlesV1, May 20, 2007.

  1. skittlesV1

    skittlesV1 Member

    i just got this bowl last night, i haven't used it yet but i like it, what should i name it? i got it for 10 bucks. (sorry about the bad quality pics)
  2. DepTh

    DepTh Member

    learn to focus camera
  3. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

  4. Spaceboy13

    Spaceboy13 Member

  5. J.I.

    J.I. WithYouInMyThoughts

  6. Donkey

    Donkey Member

    name it pikachu, because pikcahu is good
  7. MegaLisa830

    MegaLisa830 Member

    Very pretty bowl, my friend! You should name it something spacey, like Comet or Saturn. ^__^
  8. darkain

    darkain Member

    I always name my peice after something/someone that happened the night I first smoked it.
  9. gaum

    gaum Elephant Orgy

    it looks juicy... i go with starburst
  10. passittotheleft

    passittotheleft Senior Member

  11. ~peace~

    ~peace~ Senior Member

    call it pete.
  12. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    Yeah Pete's good. haha
  13. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    Since no one has said anything, I will be the douche. It is piece not peace.
  14. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    hahahaha you fuckin douche:tongue:
  15. darkain

    darkain Member

    I try to never correct anyone on spelling/grammar. Mostly because I've only been speaking english for 6 years now, and I know how brutal I was at first. You never know who is english second language.
  16. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    In that case I am helping them.
  17. Tikx

    Tikx Member

  18. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

  19. Spyro. I recently had to give up a bubbler named Spyro due to certain run-ins with authorities. I pray every night for his safe passage. I pass on his name, in his honor of course, to your piece, as I find it deserving and befitting of such an honorable title.

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