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Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by username452, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. username452

    username452 Member

    Alright. I havent smoked before, but its spring break so i thought i'd give it a try. I have a window of a couple hours tomorrow when no one will be home. I got a gram, no rolling paper, no piece or anything. Just some matches.

    Any advice on how i would do this without any of the typical stuff? =P
  2. Infinite Sky

    Infinite Sky Member

    Don't know if that 'window' has closed, but if it hasn't: look around for an apple or a pear. After finding one, poke a pen or a pencil down through the top, and then through the side so that a continuous arm of open space is created through the fruit; the best case scenerio will be if there is a thin film of the "meat" of the fruit differentiating the two arms that you created, but that takes a little practice to get right so don't worry if that isn't what you end up with. But, either way, blow through the hole in the side of the fruit and make sure that you can feel your breath coming out the top; if you can't then that probably means that there's an obstruction in the path that the smoke is supposed to take on its way to your lungs - go ahead and fix this if that is the case.

    Once you have the fruit with the a hole in both the top and the side, load your marijuana into the basin that forms into the the hole polked through the top. (It might seem as if the marijuana will simply fall down the hole out of the reach of the flame, but that moisture of the fruit generally catches marijuana before it gets too far.)

    Once you've loaded the top with what you want to smoke, simply put a flame to it, suck in through the hole in the side, and inhale what goes through.

    If you fuck up the construction of the fruit and have more to try on, then do just that; don't waste your marijuna. If you don't have fruit then you could probably make something out of pop can or something, but I don't know how to to do that so you'll have to search for an answer on your own.

    Good luck and don't do anything stupid (i.e. smoke in your house, in broad daylight outside, in a park, on school grounds, ect.).
  3. kar33m

    kar33m Member

    and most of all remember to INHALE. dont just take the hits in your mouth make sure you inhale so the smoke reaches your lungs, hold it in for 5-7 secs and then exahle.

    If you already smoke cigs you'll have no problem doing that otherwise it'll probably make you cough, if so then remember that this is the only way to get high, so just try to bear with it .

    Good Luck on getting high for your first time. it'll be a memorable experience :D
  4. Rugor

    Rugor Senior Member

    www.waytoomany.com that site has a ton of instructional videos how to make apple pipes,hot knives, and how to make soda can pipes.

    Heres your choices though:
    Apple pipe, that guy already told you how to make

    Gravity bong: Find a video on youtube or waytoomany how to make

    Hot knives: waytoomany has a perfect video how to make them but all you need is a flame stove,2 butterknives, and your weed and maybe a bottle if you want

    soda can pipe: videos on it

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