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    I had a relations with a married woman who still with the hubby. I'm 39 single and she's 45 years old. We were friends for 7 years before we attached to each other. 5 years ago she was in relations with a guy then she had a relations with younger woman before we re together. Of course there's something wrong with her marriage but i didn't know exactly as she's not really telling me the story. I can sense that her husband has someone. Her age gap with the husband is 10 years. She has 3 grown up children. The eldest is 21 Years old, 19 years and the younger is 15 years old.
    We were in relations for one year plus. Everything was okay and we had a really good memories together. She stayed at my house often and she barely stay at her house. Our first kiss is when we were at the party. I was drunk. She kissed me at my lips. The next day when we were on the phone, she don't want to admit that she kissed me in fact she accused me. Our relations getting closer few month after that. That's how our relations begin.
    I remembered after almost a year we re together we often argued just because of her ex, the guy and the girl who keep looking for her. It's all bout jealousy and trust. We re almost argue every day. Both of us getting bored and tired. There are few times she said to me that she wants us to stop because of constants argument. After all we still together till now. But things has changed. I can feel that she started to put a gap between us. She told me that she wants to change. She will be no more longer stay at my house like before. She wants to spend more time with her younger daughter. She's no more longer treat me like we were before. No more kissing, intimate, hugging. She said to me that she wants to fix what ever she done before, because what we did is wrong. She said to me, she still care and still with me even though no kissing and no sex anymore. I keep on asking why and why. It has been a month since we had sex. In her opinion that, the relations still the same even without those. Her relations with her husband, as what she told me many times there are just now more into friends. Hope is true. She keep on saying to me that, she cant be what i want her to be and what i expect. It's really drive me crazy. Maybe one of the reason why she lost interest on me is that, the arguments and my trust on her. She is fade up with me every time i text or speak to her about feeling to her and about our situations. She just wants us to act natural and just talk about the happy stuffs. Right now, i'm working hard to get her back but i don't know how. Lately she's really busy with her kids who are now on school holidays. What should i do to win her back? Is it by doing the nice to her, i mean don't bring any issue which relates with the feeling our our relations can get back? I wants her to have interest on me again. I still can feel that she still have the feeling to me but she hold it. She's very ego and she won't let anyone see her weakness. What should i do?

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