What Marijuana Strains Are Sweet?

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    Which strains of marijuana are sweet when liquid vaped, dabbed, eaten-and-drunk as edibles/teas or as liquid concentrates or in confectionery and sprays? Where legally/licitly/lawfully available and if at all possible, are pink lemonade and lemon kush and the like sweet? What is the dosage of thc or ratio of thc to cbd in relation to both of them?
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    With edibles, usually the medium they are delivered in is more important to the taste than the weed itself. Gummies haven't let me down for that.

    I don't attempt to calculate ratios of thc to cbd, I usually go for Indica vs Sativa or Hybrid.

    Indica for a more sedate effect, Sativa for a more analytical headspace.
  3. This one looks ok. It talks about sweetness... has it highlighted in orange; whatever that is supposed to mean. :)

    Berry White Strain Information — Leafly

    I was going to say Pineapple Express, but I actually know nothing about it. I know I really liked Blue Dream. But anyway, I stumbled upon Berry White by searching Leafly.com for White Widow. I think Berry White must be a cousin of White Widow.
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    Afghan cow if you have tons of work but wish to do it buzzed.....lol
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