what made me say "I AM SO FUCKED UP" last night

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by pink floyd, May 19, 2004.

  1. pink floyd

    pink floyd carousing&ransacking

    here it is, folks :)

    straight outta canada!!! this was some of the best pot i have smoked in a looooong time... it smells so damn good!
  2. Platinum_twf

    Platinum_twf Member

    that looks like some really killer bud, do you know what strain it is??
  3. Newbie

    Newbie Member

    omg dude, send me some of that shit. :)
  4. yeah, and howd you get ahold of that, did you go up there and buy it or did your dealer hook you up with it or what?

    looks delicious though
  5. pink floyd

    pink floyd carousing&ransacking

    i got way hooked up by a friend who lives up there[​IMG]

    its some crazy ass bud! gets me so fucked up... haha
  6. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    lol proud canadian chick flashes big smile :D

    but i'm a little sad cuz i cant appreciate it as much cuz i've never had shitty american stuff
  7. i live in washington not to far from the boarder so thats the kinda stuff.. i USED to smoke...that stuff makes you feel like your trippin on acid
  8. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    Everything about the states is shitty, dude, not just our bud!! Did i ever mention ur cute when ur vertical;) or high...
  9. ThinK

    ThinK Member

    umm.. that looks like a normal looking bud to me..anything under that wouldn't get me high.. maybe its just the good connections i have.. dont get me wrong its good bud but its nothing compared to the highest grade commercial genetics..

    that shit is something that can be compared to a psychedelic

    most people must get dirt weed on this site to rave about decently grown kindbud

    Oh, and bitch --- here's a sample of that Shitty American Stuff.........:




  10. Dude, we must get good stuff out here in Colorado. All the shit we buy looks like that. I guess I never knew how fortunate we are. Like, I'd go outta state and smoke with people and while everyone else says "maaaan I'm so ripped" me and my friend are just like "uhh, we're ok I guess" and we don't even smoke that much. So yeah, your bud looks good. Happy trails!
  11. the stuff around here (i'm in connecticut) really blows. it's almost all shwag and if it's not it's like laced or something...you should feel blessed :) lol
  12. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    yeah, just looks like nugs to me. i live in new york state, so i get a lot of my weed from canada too.

  13. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    Looks good but you definitely don't have to go all the way to Canada to get stuff like that. I've had American weed that's better looking with a lot more crystals and stuff. But yours isn't bad or anything...
  14. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    If you move to Arcata ya know in Humboldt :), I guarentee you'll find the best buds in America, even better than Canada. I'm not downing on Canada you guys have very excellent buds but nothing is better than the Emerald Triangle, in North America. Very light green and white, and the other variety, purple with yellow hairs. Fuck I want to go back. And you could also make friends with a med user and have them go to oakland and get some crucial buds. You try to smoke an 1/8 of trainwreck between 3 people in 1 session, I guarantee you couldn't do it. It's THAT potent. Of course anybody could grow their own, but no one should talk shit about the states buds!
  15. I live in the Arizona type place and we get great buds down here.....all kinds you want it we got it mmmmmmmmm weed.
  16. That sucks for you. I am in CT too and all I get is good shit. All comparable and better than all pics posted in this thread so far. Don't blame you getting shitty weed on what state you live in. You are probably not spending enough $. If you want the goody good you gotta pay for it!
  17. what a bitch
  18. ThinK

    ThinK Member

    yea, thats what i said lol...
  19. I don't really think she was trying to be a bitch. She was probably just fucking around and being sarcastic, but it's kinda hard to pick up on that on the internet. I didn't take any offence to it at least.

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