What Kind Of Panties Are You?

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    What Kind of Panties Are You?

    What kind of panties are you? Lacey and sophisticated? Or feminine and girly? Take this quiz!

    Top of Form 1
    1. You wake up exhausted. What do you grab on the way to work to perk you up?

    [​IMG]A capuchino with a bit of kahlua sneaked in
    [​IMG]A frappuccino or other new blended coffee drink that catches your eye
    [​IMG]A skinny latte with a bit of Equal
    [​IMG]A vanilla latte with so much vanilla you can hardly taste the coffee
    [​IMG]Regular old coffee, with a bit of cream and sugar

    2. When it comes to rating your gorgeous-ness, you'd say you're:

    [​IMG]A 4 or 5. Just about average :)
    [​IMG]An 11. No one can match your hotness!
    [​IMG]A 6 or 7. Not the most beautiful girl in the room, but you can work with what you've got.
    [​IMG]An 8. You know how to take care of yourself and make yourself purdy.
    [​IMG]A 9 or 10. You're a pretty well put together girl.

    3. When you're getting ready in the morning, you're thinking about:

    [​IMG]How great your new clothes look... and oooh, new lipstick too!
    [​IMG]What will be the most comfortable for the long day ahead.
    [​IMG]How stylish your clothes are, and if everything looks great together.
    [​IMG]What clothes show off your best assets, tweaking until you look super hot.
    [​IMG]Which shoes match your dress the best, and how to do your hair.

    4. You overhear some women from work talking about how stuck up you are. You:

    [​IMG]Think to yourself that they must be a bit intimidated by you.
    [​IMG]Are hurt and wonder if they just don't like you.
    [​IMG]Go out of your way to be more friendly to them.
    [​IMG]Figure "Screw them" and keep doing what you were doing.
    [​IMG]Understand that this happens to you a lot, you just seem to click with men more.

    5. A cute guy approaches you when you're having lunch alone, it's probably becuase:

    [​IMG]You're flat out beautiful. Simple as that.
    [​IMG]He's attracted to quirky, independent girls like you.
    [​IMG]He's never seen a girl quite like you before (and that's a good thing).
    [​IMG]He wants something from you.
    [​IMG]You've been winking at him and smiling.

    6. You love it when someone says you are:

    [​IMG]A good friend

    7. You think thongs are:

    [​IMG]Hot. Your thong is always sticking out of your jeans.
    [​IMG]Okay for special occasions.
    [​IMG]A good way to avoid panty lines.
    [​IMG]Uncomfortable and gross.
    [​IMG]Cute! You've got a ton.

    8. What's your signature flirting move?

    [​IMG]You don't have one.
    [​IMG]A big smile.
    [​IMG]Crossing and uncrossing your legs.
    [​IMG]Grabbing the guy and leading him away.
    [​IMG]Eye contact, then looking away.


    You may actually have to go to the site to get the rating,

    Or as a special service I am willing to rate your answers myself.:sunglasse
    Always willing to help.

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