What is the difference between the mind, body, and soul?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics and Mysticism' started by Inquiring-Mind, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Inquiring-Mind

    Inquiring-Mind Senior Member

    Do you think of the mind, body, and soul as one or separate things that work together to make us who we are?

  2. rainbowpower

    rainbowpower Member

    I dont think the mind or soul exists. What most people call "mind" is just when humanity polluted it's ego when it lost its place in the natural world.
  3. Sebbi

    Sebbi Senior Member

    Good question - what do you think?

    And more importantly, can you illustrate the difference it would make?


  4. iamwhatiam

    iamwhatiam Banned

    i like that question.

    and i like your sig, sebbi. it actually was my senior quote! :)
  5. moonlightdelerium

    moonlightdelerium Senior Member

    The mind body and soul must be separate, at least, the body and soul must be. The mind is something I really don't understand so I don't think its fair for me to say. The body and soul, however, differentiate from eachother on the basis of one being eternal and one being very VERY temporary.
    And heres a question for you... Who are we?
    We each have identities but they are subject to change at any moment, so how can that be the truth of who we are?
  6. Libertine

    Libertine Guru of Hedonopia

    The soul is "psuche" or "psyche" and is the mind.
    The mind is what we refer to as the operating system of the brain, the mental capacities: personality, thought, reason, memory, intelligence and emotion.
    The brain is part of the body.

    The saying, "in my heart", "in my soul" is nothing more than saying "in my mind"--a subject inside my mental capacities.
  7. Spiritforces

    Spiritforces Member

    The saying, "in my heart", "in my soul" is nothing more than saying "in my mind"--a subject inside my mental capacities.

    Feelings are seperate from thoughts
    Something can be felt and not thought
    Just my point of view
  8. moonlightdelerium

    moonlightdelerium Senior Member

    In order for something to be felt, there must be judgement which comes from the mind.
  9. Sebbi

    Sebbi Senior Member

    Is the body not eternal? Physically we live on by nourishing the soil and therefore the plants and therefore the animals. We become evenly spread out throughout the world.

    Does the same not happen to our soul?


  10. dhARmaMiLlO

    dhARmaMiLlO Member

    in my opinion; mind, body and soul are language labelling categories of pure invention
  11. Inquiring-Mind

    Inquiring-Mind Senior Member

    However they do exist the mind and the body, the soul am not sure? We cannot really say there is a soul or not.
  12. Inquiring-Mind

    Inquiring-Mind Senior Member

    The body give ours soul a physical form to experience pleasure and to see ourselves and each other.
  13. moonlightdelerium

    moonlightdelerium Senior Member

    This maybe true, however, we do not continue to experience through the body once it has died which simply means the body and soul are not the same. Something is eternal if it is unchanging and every moment our bodies change. They age, molecules replace themselves with new ones. Eventually the earth will cease to exist. The Universe isn't even eternal as it will come out of existence eventually.

    "Does not the same happen to our soul?" No, our souls exist as one forever, even in nothingness, equal and one.

  14. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    hmmm i've never thought of this before, but it's a great question... do the laws of physics apply to the spiritual or supernatural? matter is neither created nor destroyed, but does that apply to souls? if everybody's soul lives forever, then there is an unending abundance of them, somewhere, that just keeps growing and growing and growing... do heaven or hell ever get crowded? hehe or rather.. do souls fade over time too, feeding and thus becoming new ones?

  15. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Since when? Animals don't have reason like we do, but they clearly feel emotion. The two are different and not necessarily dependant on each other. Mental judgement is just another layer we add to it. Anger, for example, can exist without thought, and generally begins without it. Blood pressure, faster heart rate, muscle tension manifest first, then we realize we're angry and nurture the feeling with our mental justifications and reasoning.

    I like that. But I don't think our bodies and our souls are seperate of different. I don't recognize a seperation between "spirit" and "material" aspects of the world. All of existance seems to be based on relationship, not "particles" or "bodies". Whether we are alive or dead, we are always in direct relationship with everything else (some connections being more apparent than others, of course). We talk about the body, but the body is nonexistant without the sun, the atmosphere, the forests, the fields and animals that feed us, the water of the world, friends and family. Just like the brain is nothing without the heart or liver (or any of the rest of the body), the body is nothing without the environment around us, which is the universe at the "final" level. Since to me body and spirit are the same, since we are ONE physically, we are ONE spiritually.

    I mean, if it all comes down to relationship and not entities, one must wonder what is relating with what? Consciousness? Spirit? What is at the center of existence? Modern physics finds nothing substantial, nor do most spiritual disciplines I know of. It comes down to Buddhist "emptiness" or the Christian "soul", for example. And it's always the relationship that counts (karma, moral living, etc).
  16. moonlightdelerium

    moonlightdelerium Senior Member

    They don't have reason, I agree with that, BUT they do have judgement. When an antelope runs for a cheeta I'm fairly sure something goes off in the antelope that is saying "DANGER!! DANGER!!". Is this not judgement? When I say judgement, I don't mean deep human thought. Judgement is a product of past experience, not intellect. If a young child touches a hot stove they know for future reference not to touch it.

    It is true, the body cannot exist without the sun or its environment, but even the sun will eventually cease to be so how can you say the body is eternal?

  17. Spiritforces

    Spiritforces Member

    I doubt your definition of judgement fits to mine.
    Anyway, whatever I would write could be kinda confusing,
    I am so usefull isn't it?

    To me, and to make it simple, judgment is to think something about something happening or happened or to come

    When a animal flee because of danger, he don't judge and think "Danger Danger!",
    He experiences the dangerous situation, he don't need to think about it to decide to flee
    The situation IS dangerous to the antilope, it is like written in its genes
    It will act as the antilope in danger and flee, no thinking is necessary, not even judgement.

    To judge is not an easy thing to do, I really think u need to think to judge, taking account of every pros and cons. U take a distance from the facts to judge them, an antilope has really no time to do this in such a situation

    Just my point of view,
    did I lost me or you?
    Was is it meaningless?
    Who cares?
  18. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Just as there is only one soul, there is only one body.
  19. Inquiring-Mind

    Inquiring-Mind Senior Member

    How do you know, what if our souls are recycled into new bodies? (Reincarnation.)
  20. Sebbi

    Sebbi Senior Member

    You seem very confident about that. What makes you say that?



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