what is the deal with these aquarian men???

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Adgreyga, May 12, 2007.

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    ive always had a few close aquarian women as friends but as of recently i work alot with two aquarian men - which is the only way im able to get through the work week. im very surprised though, by one that im closer to. my first impression of him (im a pisces with a STRONG sag rising) was that he was excessively immature and everyone else sees him this way -but! there are a few times where, no matter how blunt, honest or confrontational i am in a conversation off as he can swith into this mature way and put me in my place- where i must say most of my peers cant do! ive gotta respect it.
    never thought id say this, but i love aquarian men!!!
  2. sexbanshee

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    I was married to one who was that way
    ....at times really stupid, but then would
    show profound wisdom....

    A word of warning girl....as a water sign
    do NOT get involved romantically with one
    unless you are prepared to have an extremely
    open and unpredictable relationship...

    Ive heard it said that Aqua men are headfucks
    in love.....but as friends.....GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
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    haha headfucks is a good word, they are so unpredicatble (and an air sign at that) that idk if you can really blame them. i agree, great friends or butt buddies i suppose
  4. Friggfo

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    haha hurray for Aquarians
  5. buttrfly)i(

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    oh man....yes watch out, i am a leo and they just have the opposite affect on me. He was very unpredictable and he always over analyzed EVERTHING! he was fustrating a lot!
  6. Adgreyga

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    i see aquarian men as jus plain immature!! like i thought it was aries that loves the drama but apparently from personal reference aqu men do too, scandalous
  7. LoveHealsTheWorld420

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    As an Aquarian man let me put it this way - a lot of times what
    people see as immaturity is really us liking a challenge and always
    seeking new ones. You have to remember astrologically speaking,
    this sign's under the influence of the planet Uranus. So there's a duality
    to Aquarians which is that on the one hand we're very fun, adventurous,
    spontaneous and rebellious (which most people see as immaturity, but
    is really just a symptom of us being intellectually gifted and curious)
    but on the other hand when we meet someone who gives us a challenge
    and isn't afraid to put us in our place then we're loyal and devoted to a fault.
    So yeah, Aquarians are unpredictable unless you understand that the number
    1 thing that attracts us and keeps us wrapped up is a challenge. For example
    my ex was this Angelina Jolie type girl who was very headstrong, beautiful
    and intelligent with a fiery personality so she knew how to put me in my
    place and speak her mind - and she won me over by being a challenge. When
    we met she said "I know you've got a lot of girls chasing you so I won't be one
    of them - you're gonna have to chase ME." And because I love a challenge I
    did just that for 6 months, we ended up dating for 3 years after that. Also
    the myth about all Aquarians being cheaters isn't true - we're very outgoing
    and flirtatious but most of us are very loyal and wouldn't hurt anyone by
    cheating, especially if we've got a challenge like I talked about that knows
    how to keep us interested. Hope that helped!
  8. soaringeagle

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    i'm an aquarian & not a cheatter, but we do have alotta love to share & unpredictable in love? lol yea i supose having 2 amazing wives taurus & pisces could count as unpredictable lol but we're very loyal & honnest & open, the immaturity you speak of i think is more a childlike innocence an awe you might say, a curiosity we dont take things at face value but look far deeper so lok at situations from a dfferent angle then most,
    i dont think of it as immaturity at all but as a differing viewpiont that may not be so easily understood unless u look for the wisdom within..
    aquarians can be intence people to know, but often you cant understand them if your only dealling with the mundane everyday pionts that most people interact over, with aquarians its easierr to drift off into the deepest aspects of yourself
    with many signs simple mundane things like what you do for a living & the sports you enjoy define who you are to them, not so with aquarians who you are to aquarians is a complex mix of the sum of all your experiences & they dare to see you as more then you genreraly show
    yes many do have a problem in romance with us because of the level of intamacy & the intencity, but its nothing to fear, but does take a special person to be willing to be that exposed & open & totaly understood
    as friends though, we're quit easy, & always willing to be there when you need even for strangers on the street.
    now aquarian women, whoa they can be a trip & 1/2
    aquarians are always an adventure though but may take you where your not sure you want to go
    but take a chance, take a stroll, get a lil lost & end up where ever you end up, you wont regret the experience cause you'll see yourself in a whole new light..
    aquarians will teach you to play on your most stressfull day
    i kinda like being 1 :)

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