What Is a 'Candle In the Wind'?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Jimbee68, Apr 29, 2023.

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    I guess all these years later, I can finally ask this question. In 1988, Elton John said it seems to him Marilyn Monroe lived her life like a candle in the wind. I had no idea what he meant.

    Then in 1997, he said Princess Diana lived her life like that.

    They were very different people and they lived very different lives. So what's a candle in the wind anyways?
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    I think Elton/Bernie explains it in the song.

    It's symbolic of a light that burned out too soon. They both died young and had controversial relationships.
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    It is a metaphor, more precisely metaphorical phrase, comparing life to a candle in the wind, that is always in danger of blowing out.
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    As wilsjane said but, I also think, before their light was burned out their flame was pushed around by others until finally it was extinguished.

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