What has the herb done for you?

Discussion in 'Ask The Old Hippies' started by ninjarilla, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. ninjarilla

    ninjarilla Member

    I almost posted this in the marijuana forum, but that forum is filled with perma-fried little stoner kids who just don't get it.

    I've been smoking since I was sixteen, I have no regrets for having tried it for it opened my mind in so many ways, and may be somewhat responsible for the positive lifestyle I now pursue.

    But when does enough become enough? I feel like there is nothing more that marijuana can show me, in fact it may even be closing my mind at this point.

    How was/is marijuana a part of your life, and what is your general opinion of it?
  2. earthmother

    earthmother senior weirdo

    I'm 53. Been smoking since I was 16. I think - well - a lot. It's a lifestyle which even my adult children have adopted. I truly believe that it has a way of enlightening and educating, allowing the mind to be more open. It enhances the intellect. And I think that particularly intelligent and talented people are drawn to it. Unfortunately, so many kids just see it as one more way to get "fu--ed up".

    I DO think that it probably was meant to be eaten rather than smoked, seems to have a more natural feeling effect that way... I never let what others thought get in my way. I simply do what feels right. Unnatural drugs - pills and powders - and consciousness-lowering substances (alcohol) can go straight to hell in my opinion.

    I can not say whether or not my smoking pot has actually led to the lifestyle I chose or vice versa. But I don't need to analyze it much, because I am totally happy and simply astounded by life every single day. I have more energy than most folks my age and am far healthier mentally and physically. Again, I couldn't say if using weed is one of the REASONS for this (it seems so) or if my basic mindset and attitude is responsible for my weed use. Whatever it is, it works for me.
  3. dislexic

    dislexic Member

    i started smoking when i was 18, until that point i was a closed minded conservative republican who was all for the iraq war. Then i started smoking and now at 20 i can say that i now hate what i used to be and see them all as lemmings now. I also used to be a real angry kid and the erb has helped me to mellow out and just go with the flow while also helping me in a sense where i can now actually relaz and focus (if i dont get to high) i used to be so strung up with anger (add didnt help) that i just geave up on everything new i tried within ten minutes. Now all of this isnt directly because of erb but it is all related to the great medicine. See if i hd never tried erb i would still be hangin out with the kids who make racist jokes and talk about how we need to kill more people so we can have oil, but then when i started smoking i was forced to change my company and therefor i got to see things from a diffrent perspective, in turn i would have never tried psychedelics of anysort which is what really helped me the most with all the previous listed issues. I now meditate daily (i try at least) and consider myself to be a decent open minded human being, pretty much th exact opposite as i was before. In defense of my 17 yr old self, i was a good guy just clouded by the lie of society and my parents (also great people just products of society) but now i see the true light and can say that i have changed. So yea i pretty much owe alot to the erb and i have absolutley zero regrets for my lifestyle/persona change
  4. Ariesmother

    Ariesmother Member

    I have been around it my whole life and began smoking at 14. I am 28 now and have had quite an eventful life. You ask when enough is enough and if it can actually close your mind. Well, its a lifestyle. It lets you settle a restless mind with random thoughts. It allows you to slow down and appreciate the world around us. It does make you stop in that sense, however if you are surrounding yourself with infectious surroundings filled with bad influences and wrong decisions you will question things. It seems to be the natural process of things. Only you can decide what is right for you. If your decisions have not served you well, its time to make new ones. There are endless paths to take and endless possible results. You are the key. A little music that speaks to you and the knowledge that you are on a good path can be an amazing feeling that those stagnate around you may not understand. It may not be the green that shuts you down but where you are. What we create as our surroundings has a profound affect on the way our mind works.
  5. ninjarilla

    ninjarilla Member

    I like this philosophy. You are right, and I actually realized something to this effect before you posted. It is not the plant it is the environment. I was smoking around people who get high and sit on their asses and play Halo. It was not a gratifying routine. Recently I have stop letting my mind become idle in its altered state. I've been letting the creative juices flow and connecting with my true spirit. It's been a very interesting journey, one that all but one or two of my friends will never understand.
  6. gate68

    gate68 Senior Member

    Ask Mark Phelps. Got off the ritalin...
  7. pushit

    pushit One jive Motha Fucka

    Well I have been smoking since I was 13, getting high since I was 14... I think around 17 I realized I had gotten all I could from bud, but until last week I still smoked since I love it so damn much. I'm not quiting for the hell of it though, I turn 18 this month and need to get a job and off probation so I don't get another year of worrying about being tested.
  8. fyreflye

    fyreflye Member

    I was fortunate enough not to start smoking until my mid 30's and smoked my last joint when I was 61. Grass, as well as mescaline (I never liked acid that much) put me in touch with my body, taught me how to dance, how to make love, how to get out of my crazy mind, how to live in the world instead of just walking through it. Psychedelics changed my life deeply and for the better.

    But while I dealt responsibly with the heavy stuff, and followed all of Uncle Tim's rules when I used it, I smoked grass every day and finally became psychologically addicted to it and eventually to alcohol as well.

    Drugs are fun, but the best reason to use them is to learn the things the plant teachers have to teach you. When you've learned those lessons I think it's time to move on. If you feel like quitting then quit. If you find that you keep quitting and then going back to smoking then you're an addict. Personally I've found the older I get the more I need a clear mind, and my mind today is clearer than it's ever been.

    Being a "hippie" isn't about using drugs or doing weird things with your hair or wearing a costume or being irresponsible; it's about using sometimes radical means to learn who you really are and utilizing that knowledge to live your life in a way that's productive to your own growth. And to do that you have to be awake. That''s my experience.
  9. greenbud guru

    greenbud guru Member

    I started smoking at 13. I use to smoke everyday. As I grew older it seemed to decline. Maybe now once a week..sometimes more..sometimes less. My mind & body tells me when I need a puff.

    So when is enough...enough? Only you can answer that question.
  10. johnnibee

    johnnibee Member

    Smoking for me is a way to open my mind (even thought that probably sounds like a cliche), most of my friends prefer to drink but I enjoy smoking more. It allows my thoughts to flow in a fluid manner and seems to make everything almost lyrical. It really can aid when writing (for me at least), so occasionally I do enjoy smoking and seeing what words come through.
  11. Sunchild77

    Sunchild77 Member

    i smoked my first spliff in grade 7, maybe a few times a year till 12 , then started smoking on weekends per say. by 2nd year uni full time pothead. 2 years later, weed has been good to me- so long as I was not paying for it, not caring about its cost on my personal relationships/work/health.

    Who really knows, maybe it was holding back the pain which seems to rack my body. My opinion? I wish I had started to use later in life, that way I would know the difference between drug induced evolution, and "normal" evolution of thought and body.

    Now when I smoke my body can't handle the stress or the parranoia, so I do not do it.
  12. Pref

    Pref Member

    Very wise
  13. Quite

    Quite Member

    Im quite content with my reality as it is, and I do not want it altered by means of drugs. No thankyou.
  14. avgreg

    avgreg Member

    I just turned 62 new years day and I have been smoking buds since I was 16. That was 46 yrs ago. I have been thru many life altering experiences since then including my Hippie lifestyles. That was the best of times because we set out to change the world and in many ways we did.
    I still love to smoke good buds today. There is nothing like a good dubbie after dinner, going outside and just look at the stars and let your imagination wonder among the cosmos. It still makes me smile thinking of all my trips thru the star systems.
    Not to mention listening to your favorite Beatles song or The Who, or Janis and how about Joe Cocker. Buds always made my music experience seemed special.
    Buds are to be enjoyed not abused. Buds are to heighten your senses not dull them. Buds are to share with your best friend not stranges would not appreciate the great gift you are bestowing to them.
    Just thought I share some of my thoughts with you all.
  15. Smoking for me... :)
    A mystical connection with fellow beings becomes alive...soul.
    It reveals...
    It cures...
    No words can put the beauty of this special green magic on paper...it is but a mere smile of sattisfaction.
    Happiness & Light
  16. sativero

    sativero Member

    Very wise words my friend :cheers2:

    My experience after smoking daily for many years is that it can be good and bad it is not to be abused. Self control is the key here, something that I myself should work on. And like some of you mentioned wisely also in here, your environment is very important, its a key factor. If you are in a stressed environment and in a stressy time of your life, you will be much more affected by the paranoia and bad tripping a bit when you smoke. I am going now through one of those phases. Im in love with mary jane. but im thinking of quiting for some time just to clear my mind and get my life back on track. Im also addicted to tobaco unfortunately, where i live it is very hard to find buds, but very easy to get prime hashish and I smoke it with tobbaco in joints. Im very high now and i would say that hash is waay stronger than weed, that thing really knocks you down. Once I even passed out inside the car while hotboxing it with a hash fattie. I love buds dont get me wrong lol
  17. smokeybear2

    smokeybear2 Member

    ive smoked for 4 years since i was 16, i stopped for a while around the time i was 18, but thats only cause i was spending all my fuckin money on heroin and cocaine. then i went to a rehabilitation program, walked out of there with a clear mind, next day really wanted to do a shot of dope so i went and bought a bag of grass, rolled a joint, and have been off heroin n shit for over 6 months now, which is fuckin amazing for me man, i digg life so much now, and i honestly owe it all to the herb, its my medicine, i use it when i need to and of course i go out wioth friends and have a good time..but its a magical medicine, can you digg that?
  18. Psy-astrida

    Psy-astrida Member

  19. Kathryn O

    Kathryn O Member

    I started smoking when I was about 18 or 19. I wanted to wait until my brain was developed to do it, but I actually started with acid first and then went on to pot.
    yeah, I got a lot out of it that the rest of you have. Nothing to add to that conversation, but pot has reached a point where it has little more to show me and it is still there, but not much of a part of my life. I can go to drum circles without it.
    I have no problem being around it. I can go where people are getting high and not feel an urge to smoke but still have all the fun I want.
    I've got friends my age and a litte older who have confessed to having the same feelings for weed that I have, but they can't be around it and are staying away from the hang-outs. I wish they had my willpower. I miss them.
  20. AK Bones

    AK Bones Member

    Smoking herb has given me many hours of pleasure over the years. But there is a time and place. Life needs to be in balance and priorities must be dealt with in order to give us the freedom to enjoy this plant.

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