What happens when you're tired of it ?

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Duncan, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    I've done communal living and have found that there are many times when I've had to fight for my own little space. Sometimes you just don't feel like DOING stuff for the greater good. Am I alone with that sentiment?
  2. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    If you cannot see how doing for community is also doing for yourself - an enlightenedself serving altruism then 1 of 2 things - you are in the wrong community or community is wrong for you.
    Some people prefer the way of the solitary and should not try to push themselves into a mold that does not fit them.
    but most of us are by default in a community that they do nothing for and does nothing for them - excepting taxes..... and that one is pretty hard to avoid & escape.
    hey you going for your RN or LPN ?
    Blessings to you along your Way
  3. rabbit801

    rabbit801 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Duncan, do you even live in community or are you just wanting to talk about it? just the other day you posted about wanting to put a yurt in your backyard for extra income, so do you live in a communal house or just what? or are you wandering if you are the only one who has given up when trying? you said in another post why bother to look for community, you said you looked in san fran, etc...so don't bother if you have a negative attitude about it. w/ that attitude you would be set up for failure before beginning. just my opinions and questions, really none of my business, but if you want to bring other people down to your upset level of life, then please don't. none of us need that energy and you definitely don't need that energy in yourself.
    all my respect----rabbit----
  4. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    there are comunities and communities.
    When one has a group house some call it community - some will not
    I think rabbit you may have an elevated idea of what most mean when they talk community. This in itself is a wonderful thing - but we must guard lest we become too fundamentalist in our protection of that which we hold dear.
    I have lived in the city in group homes - where a bunch of us shared fairly common beliefs and got together for the focus and the orientation and benefits of breaking down cost amoung more working parts. Some were just hippy houses some were Craft homes. I have lived in monasteries which are but another form of community.
    And I have lived up in the mountains alone for years at a time going into the city as seldom as possible to replenish supplies and during about 1/3 of the year to put in time at a money making routine to be able to support my preference.
    I have helped build and been part of communities on land set aside to grow together - some in dwellings close to or in the same buildings with others some where we are out of sight and sound. Some where you are expected to partake in communitiy projects to make the necessary evil green exchange medium - and others where flexibility and honoring the green energy as just another form of storing energy to be used as one would wish.
    my point is that there are all kinds of communities - some have a very tight reign on what is acceptable within and some do not. Some say that we only want specific types of people others are more open ended. Neither in and of itself is "Bad" each has the Potential to be "Good" for those involved - but to judge is to cast a stone and we in glass houses must be careful not to be aiding in the energy of polarization unless we really feel that big brother has the right idea after all.
    Universal energy is Love and no matter how poor a reflection we find ourselves working with - We as individuals hold the power to make of it that which can elevate or denigrate. We also tend to put out energies toward other that also affect them - and we as individuals must decide what kind of energy we put out - retaliation of any kind is not acceptable when looked on in that light - helping someone see a better way, but not being attached to what they do with that knowledge helps all. But throughout whatever manner we live, we must cultivate our intent and Walk the Way that helps us all to be more - .....

    With Love and Blessing to All
  5. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    Actually the post was for land for sale. I didn't necessarily say that I was looking for it in order to build a community. I was looking for it to find it.

    I live with housemates but prefer a life of my own. I had lived communally for over 10 years. It had its pluses and its minuses, but sometimes I just did not want to be part of the group.

    BTW, I don't necessarily post for the purpose of my own self satisfaction. I also post on behalf of others who don't use the forums. But thanks for reading and for sharing.
  6. rabbit801

    rabbit801 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    for the record, i meant nothing negative and had my 2 month old on my lap while typing the previous message, so i wasn't able to ask questions the way i "should have" i guess. so sorry if anyones feelings got upset or hurt, it just sounded to me like you were down and maybe i have a harsh way of saying 'please don't be down so that others don't get down with you'. if you aren't down then my apologies for interpreting it that way. and i wasn't throwing stones at anyone since i am sure that that was intended for me, i asked questions for the purpose of clarity and no one is holier than thou, leaste of all me. we are all looking for enlightenment, but it can not be taught. it can only be sought.
    and duncan, you as well as anyone else that has the drive to work together has the option of joining in with what we are doing. i don't know if you have been to our site or not, but check it out www.co-operativeeffort.com
    i love you as much as i love myself. so my sincere apologies if anything came out as though i was better, I am but one small creature in this universe, i still wander if i judged, i am sure that i din't and that really bugs me, anyway happy new year to all.
    all my love and light---rabbit---

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