what does my dream mean?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by pinkfairy158, Apr 20, 2007.

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    ive been having this recurring dream where im really tired and i cant open my eyes..so im just walking around desperatly trying to see but my eyes are glued shut! its always the same but in different scenarios. all i could find in a dream dictionary was blindness which means im turning a blind eye to something but in my dream im totally im aware that im not blind but i dont have the power to open my eyes... its really disturbing! what do u guys think??
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    i think that turning a blind eye to something is a good interpretation of this dream...the inability to open your eyes to the truth/world around you....your subconcious is aware you're not truly "seeing" something as it needs to be seen and is trying to let you know :)
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    You may be spiritually blind, and although you would like to have spiritual experiences, your rational mind will not allow it.

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