What does it all mean? Crazy Dream!!

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Black_Rigg, May 23, 2007.

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    I had a crazy dream last night and was wondering if anyone out there could help me decipher what it (or be it, they) mean.
    The first part was where I was seeing a Dr. about my arm, which had apparantly became limp and could not be used, then the next thing I know, I am at the bottom of the building, my arm is straight and I had forgot my bag. I go up and just as the lift reaches the door, it free falls.
    Then, I am at home, laying in bed with a girl, hugging (nothing sus) and talking.

    Crazy dreams I know, and was wondering if anyone out there had any idea of wat they could mean???
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    I thought you are the best one to interprete and know the meaning of your own dreams - from a place deeper inside yourself that is sure beyond all questions. So this is only a suggestion.

    Imagine you are all parts of the dream, also those which feel limp, forgotten, unpredictable or just promising ... and just do not see it as a wild mix of puzzle pieces, but find the greater picture. All parts of you help you to be whole. All parts of you help you to come home, and be at peace right where you are. And in the end, all parts of you help you to spread wings and fly ... even if all the rest falls down. Just know nothing is written in stone, but all things are what you make of it, as simple as it is.

    See yourself whole and unlimited, and trust into your own potential to grow beyond, and make it more.

    Hm - I hope this is makes sense ...
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    I suppose it could mean anything. Or nothing. Think back. Where you reading anything/watching anything remotely to do with that dream?

    If not it sort of sounds to me (cause I'm such an expert- not!!) that something's saying that even though there are obstacles in your life ( percieved physical imperfections, etc.), love, pure love will win out in the end.

    Wow that's kind of corny but I dunno I guess that's what I get from it.

    Peace, love and happy vibes!!!

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