What do you mix with Robo cough syrup to make it go down easier?

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by aulax, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. aulax

    aulax Member

    I usually take the robo gel caps, but last time I puked on 500 MG, so I'm gonna give the pills a break and take syrup. (I know even that tastes terrible) Anyway, I was wondering what you take with your syrup to make it go down easier.
  2. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    You can try mixing it with a carbonated beverage like Ginger Ale, but it depends what flavour syrup you get

    the general rule of thumb is, don't mix it with anything. This goes for things like codeine CWE. All you're doing is increasing the volume of vile, disgusting shit you have to swallow, so instead of chugging one bottle of sick stuff you have to drink 3 glasses of sick stuff.

    it's actually harder on your stomach if you mix it too
  3. pbjube3

    pbjube3 Cock Blaster

    get zicam cough max! its a half oz shot with like 390mg of dxm
  4. aulax

    aulax Member

    I have the sickening cherry flavor robo caps. dont know if they make it in any othe flavor.
  5. pbjube3

    pbjube3 Cock Blaster

    go to CVS or Walgreens

    buy zicam cough max cough spray its in the cold remedy section

    its like 9 bux, im not promoting shop lifting in any way but a 4 year old cold steal the little bottle.

    i experemented with dxm 3 times and everytime it was with zicam, it has something like 390 mg of just dxm in it, i drank 2 of them and i had an out of body expereince
  6. SpENS93

    SpENS93 Illuminati

  7. sam&ella

    sam&ella Member

    1st Place Winner, best humor in the forum February 8, 2009.
  8. aulax

    aulax Member

    Comments like "urine" which I take it are meant to be funny is one of the reasons I hate to post in forums as other users often like to change the direction of the message thread and hence make a mockery of the original mesage.
  9. SpENS93

    SpENS93 Illuminati

    dont mix it with anything
  10. GregTheMagician

    GregTheMagician Senior Member

    i dont mix it. usually i just take it straight, and follow it with a chaser. Nothing special, just selzer water.
  11. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    liquid plumber. It goes down the drain without sticking and clogging, you know high sugar content.. :p
  12. aulax

    aulax Member

    You sure know how to try to kill a thread. Don't you? I hope no one takes your nuts.
  13. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    what is the original message here??

    That government funded drugs are more fun..
    That the poison is readily available over the counter..
    Really If Im going to make myself retarded by way of govenrment poison, Id straight up sniff TOLUENE.. A real INTOXICANT.. that will make you trip out...

    I realize none are behind me on this never were cause you think its a fucking joke..
    Its NOT!!

  14. aulax

    aulax Member

    You shouldn't use the message thread I created for your own cause; You can create and post on countless messages threads of your own.
  15. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    Actually I do.. Look around your not the first to get a reality check from me!!

    Where do you think you cant buy marijuana in the drug store.. Pttf..
  16. aulax

    aulax Member

    You are free to post whatever you like, but please don't post your tirades intending to change the direction of my message thread. I wouldn't respond to a message thread you started, as I have no interest in the subjectmatter, so you should learn to show some mutual respect by exercising self discipline. Now instead of trying to make a mockery of my post, had you contacted me by PM, which sadly goes unused before messages threads become a flame war, I would have nicely responded to your issues.
  17. Hesh

    Hesh Member

    just chug it and chase it with a beverage, gotta mask that nasty menthol cherry as soon as it hits ur mouth, haha.
  18. IllCanabillyVanilly

    IllCanabillyVanilly Senior Member

    i think the guy meant a regular beverage you could mix the syrup with.

    anyways, jsut get delsym grape flavor. that shit tastes good, almost like grape kool-aid with alot of sugar in it.
  19. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    you should learn how to suck my nuts. Please Dont try to humor me with your failure to stand up for the truth..
    Grow up!! Isnt it obvious that marijuana hurts nobody or are you that nieve that you buy into the B.S. that weve been fed for years. Youll simply roll over and chug a bottle of retard syrup, I mean its readily available and has been forever.
    Our prisons are full of people that have been victim of this lie while our kiddies are commiting suicide.. Heres the mentallity..
    A grown Man would knock that syrup out you hand have a talk and sit a spell. Maybe tell you the dangers of all drugs and chemiclas.. Most are unable to comprehend the truth..

    DXM does more damage and we let it go on and on killing people and destroying lives . If you dont see this you are an idiot. Wake up and grow a pair and speak up!!!

    Its way overdue to legalize Marijuana that has so many benefits. I cant believe that we are still here on this issue and its 2009.. . Unfuckingbelivable!!!!!

    lets have a test. Take DXM put it on the hood of a car and add a water let sit in sun.. It will strip off the paint.. WTF!!!!! WANNA BET!!!!1

    Take marijuana put on hood of car add water.. Im waiting.. :toetap05:
  20. IllCanabillyVanilly

    IllCanabillyVanilly Senior Member

    wow. not sure if your a mod or whatever cause of the thumbs up sign next to your name, but chill the fuck out. aulax hasnt said one word against MJ (at least not in this thread. maybe he sent you a pm, i dont know).

    but the mood your in tonight, you'll probably spew a bunch of pro-marijuana mumbo jumbo back at me and call me some junkie for liking other drugs. im pro-marijuana too but keep that shit in the marijuana forum. jesus fuck.

    i think aulax has been very reasonable with his responses but you completely ignore them and call him some junkie and go on about marijuana which isnt the fuckin topic.

    im not trying to start a fight, im trying to be as peaceful as i can but when people with higher post counts abuse their powers, it pisses me off.

    maybe tomorrow, you'll be done with your period. until then, good luck with upping your post count by sabotaging other people's threads for your beliefs.

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