what do you like about your contry?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by carnelian, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. carnelian

    carnelian Member

    i live in sweden and i think it's really cool that the vikings came from this area (denmark, norway and sweden). we have lots of runestones and viking graves in sweden for an example. i'm very interested in history and espescially the medieval time so i think it's great living here. i also love the swedish nature because it's very variated and we have beautiful big forests.
    the political system is also great. far much better than the american. i don't have the time to explain it but i can say that it's far more socialistic than most of the countries in the world.
  2. kayy

    kayy Member

    Ha ha ! yeah i 'm half swedish, been living in Stockholm for 17 years, and I'm beginnig to see that "fantastic sweden" is not that fantastic... For instance, there is a BIG nazi problem here, I think bigger than the states, but ok, the nature is beautiful, I agree, but about the political issue... What a joke! Yeah, we were so called "neutral" during 2nd ww, that meant the government even could help the nazis in secret!!....
    Even today there is a hidden repression, but i love the freedom for us woman (guys are not macho, and it means i can go out at night alone, and i don't have to hear annoynig things).
    But: there is this thing that sweden is so nice , everybody love swedes because they are so KIND... or naive depending how u see it. And the last decades sweden has produced a large number of groups: abba europe roxette, but even good music lately, but I'm going to tell u a little fact: swedes are very good at imitating other styles other songs & other musicians, but they are not that good in really creating original stuff. The winters here are very long and boring, so people learn to play an instrument, and r good in the technical bit...
    But here is something I love with sweden: the time in the 60es/ 70es, called "proggen", when amazing music/movement/ideas/people came to life, that was truly a very creative time I wish I could have lived!!! But it's SO different now, trust me.
  3. carnelian

    carnelian Member

    i don't think sweden is fantastic. i mean, i'm definitly no socialdemokrat but if you compare sweden to other countries i'm glad i live here. i mean, we can get really good lones (studielån du vet) to go to university. it's not like in the us when only people with parents rich enough to save money for their childrens collge education can go to school after highschool. the healtcare is good to. we don't have to pay lots of money for medication and ward. i don't think sweden is great, i'd sure love to change the politics of our country. i really don't like göran persson and socialdemokraterna but i think we have a much beter political climate than the us. i mean, sossarna or george bush? we're not fantastic but we're better off than many, many countries in the world. we don't have that much corruption, war, discrimination and such. i feel lucky that i live here because it could have been so much worse. i agree we have a big nazi problem and that's really bad. sweden actually has the most white power bands in the whole world and we're only a 8 million people country! that's disturbing like hell but all countries have their issues. i wouldn't want to live anywhere else anyway...

    and yeah the prog-time must have been totaly awsome! yeah nationalteatern and philemon! :)
  4. KozmicBlue

    KozmicBlue Senior Member

    I like Finland, because it is such a beautiful country. Beautiful forests, beautiful lakes, rivers... Finland has the greatest president ever, a woman who's pretty left wing and has been working for a gay organisation before. :D So she's pretty liberal as well. The political system is pretty good, very democratic. And also, Finland has a great social security system, where ALL people are guaranteed free medical, etc, care.

    And England... I like England, because it's such a multicultural country. There are people from EVERYWHERE here, it's so awesome.
  5. moominmamma

    moominmamma Member

    Good question:) And I will try to answer it and not drift off into what I don't like about my country ( which is so easy for us English, we love to criticise:p )

    I love how beautiful my country is....how so much of it is still green. I love the multi cultural nature of so many of our cities....I love country fetes and church fairs where you have to guess how many currants there are in a fruit cake or the spire of the local church will assuredly fall down. I like being part of a silly nation...with an absurd sense of humour.....and I like living on an island ....being close to the sea at all times is great.

    I love traditional english food...shepherds pie and bread and butter pudding....comforting nursery food that has never seen a vitamin. I also love all the other foods that we have imported and butchered and made our own....chicken tikka masala mmmmmmmm.

    I love the fact that whenever anything goes wrong I reach for the kettle and make a cup of tea...is there any other nation that solves all ills with cups of sweet brown water?

    I like that we have a national health care system....yes its battered ....yes its flawed, but at least its there. I love our music from the early church stuff to depressing modern angst....and our literature Shakespeare to Terry Pratchett:)

    And last of all, I love our weather....totally unpredictable and always just what you didn't want;)
  6. wolf_at_door

    wolf_at_door Senior Member

    If I was living in Sweden, Norway, Finland, or Iceland, I would love my country. Do you know how lucky you are? You guys still has huge areas of forests, mountains, tundra, etc... nature on natures premises. That kind of nature doesn't exist in Denmark anylonger.

    But since I do exist, I'm glad that I live in Denmark. If I was born in 1925 instead of 1975 I would probably not exist.

  7. jesikhaviolet

    jesikhaviolet Member

    its hard to say what's great about england. there is little of the countryside i so crave... there are hardly any friendly people, and we're polluted beyond recognition. but, as kozmicblue said, its multicultural, which is very nice
  8. JanaXGIRL

    JanaXGIRL Senior Member

    yeyey, I also like my country... Czech rep. I like the music here, I'm happy that the young generation now, my generation, goes more to the rock than to the pop.. yeah... but I hate our politics.. it's so.. false..
  9. hip_peace

    hip_peace Senior Member

    what i like about my contry ( lebanon ) =nature ,natureeeeee (villages, ville , people , ocean , ............ winter , summer ,spring , fall....... everything ...about our nature is reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice
  10. carnelian

    carnelian Member

    yeah i know how lucky i am to live here. i love sweden and our great nature.


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