What do you find attractive in a girl?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by DirtyVibe, Aug 19, 2005.

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    For me, it's a combination. I used to be purely into just body type/ face.

    Now, I care a lot more about character. I can kind of weed out how a girl will act (not 100%, but accurate enough to save me a lot of sanity) by the way she dresses, holds posture, talks, etc. and that is about a third of how I judge a girl. I still can't stand really fat girls though.

    I don't really care about bodyweight, as long as they aren't completely and utterly disgusting in how they take care of themselves. Like, anything from skinny to average and a little over is fine for me.

    I don't like flat girls, but like breasts about normal to big, not so huge that it looks like the overweight girl just lost a lot of weight. Shape of the breasts is more important than size. Like, I'd rather it be ball shaped or self supportive than sagging.

    Curves are great. Girls without enough curves look like they have a man's body to me.

    Skin color doesn't matter unless the girl is super pale or super dark (palest Irish person or ashen black person). A tan always loooks nice.

    Hair color depends on how it goes with the skin tone; contrasting colors look best (pale skin, dark hair or pale hair, dark skin).

    Height is important in that I don't like very short girls. 5'4" is a minimum (even 5'3" could be considered normal), though I prefer 5'6" and am willing to date taller girls. I don't really get intimidated by height, I would date up to 6' something (I'm 5'9" right now).

    I don't care about foot size, but I do care about foot shape. Messed up toes can look pretty bad.

    Body hair looks nasty unless it is blonde, then I don't really mind.

    I prefer a girl to be trimmed or bald down there. Really hairy and it gets stuck in your teeth and looks nasty.

    Hair length is good from really short above a buzz cut to the shoulders. I don't like long hair.

    Sorry to anyone I made feel insecure about themselves :) . This is kinda like the penis size thread :D
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    A flowy hippie skirt, long hair. simple and cute. nothing too fancy
  3. Soulless||Chaos

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    Pretty much everything.
  4. jonsworld

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    a good mind, nice smile .

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