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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Peace Attack, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Peace Attack

    Peace Attack Make War

    The problem is...insurance. My dad recently lost his job and got a new one with new insurance. but ive been pregnant for a few weeks. I'm not sure if insurance will cover anything because my pregnancy is pre-existing. I don't even know if this company covers pregnancy.

    i searched the site and all I found was this:

    Do pre-existing limitations apply?
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts programs do not include pre-existing limitations. There may be a waiting period for some services when a member had no previous coverage. Some employer group plans may vary. Check with your human resources department, or call the Member Service number on the back of your card.

    I don't really know what that means.

    I can't call the member service number on the back of the card cuz i dont have a card yet. But I really want to goto a doctor soon so I can get a blood test done and get pre-natal care. My mom is calling the insurance company tomorrow to try and get some information but my mom said the paperwork just got sent through today and it might not be effective untill 30 days.
  2. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    pregnancy is something that needs immediate care, I bet they would allow it but if not and you can't afford to get your own for in the meantime try emergency medical assistance or a chip prog. Your still a minor and you need care so someone will help you. This last pregnancy I was working for a place who did not give insurance to their workers until they worked there for a year. When I found out I was 6 months into the job and needed care. I had to get emergency med. assistance for the time being. It helped greatly and I don't know your laws in your state but I was eligiable because it showed my insurance could not be used until I worked there for a certain amount of time. Good luck! If you need any help or advice how to go about obtaining the info for these places just ask, I'll help you out however I can. :)
  3. most clinics don't really see pg patients untill they are 8-10 weeks pg anyway.

    imo, the clinic/doctor can't do anthing right now to "help" your pg along. the most that's going to happen is maybe a pap and they'll tell you to take vitamins or write you a script for some. just pick up some woman's multi vitamins or pre nates otc and eat well and rest if your body tells you too and work if your body tells you to. there are very intricate and complicated things going on in your body and brain right now that a doctor has no control over. be aware of what your feeling, rest and make an appt in a few weeks ((((hugs))))
  4. oh, and insurance will cover it :)
  5. RyvreWillow

    RyvreWillow Member

    If the new plan has maternity benefits, you should be set. The pregnancy is an "existing condition" if you want to be technical, but the checkups and birth are not...they haven't happened yet ;)

    Just a heads-up, you WILL have to get insurance for your baby, as your parents' will probably cover all your care (everything before and during birth), but not baby's. That's how it was with my mom's insurance when my son was born (though i was technically over 18 by then, i was still in highschool so i counted as a dependant)

    The insurance for baby is the hard part; your parents' probably won't cover it, and the baby's father's usually won't unless you're married (learned that the hard way, and was actually lied to about it for months afterwards--thanks alot wal-mart!). i REALLY wish i knew about medicaid back then, you should be able to get that for the baby if not for yourself, and if your parents make "too much" for you to qualify, it's not hard to show them that you're the one supporting baby, and then be able to get it as a separate "household."

    We didn't ask the right questions, and ended up making payments on our son's birth until he was three!
  6. Tarto

    Tarto Member

    We had no insurance for the pregnancy/birth of my first son. It was a pre-existing condition and my ex's insurance wouldn't cover it. So, we were termed "self-pay" by the clinic until we could qualify for medicaid, which wasn't until after the baby was born.

    They paid for all the bills once we qualified for medicaid.

    One good place for you to get resources is Planned Parenthood. They can help direct you to the proper offices in your area.
  7. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    wow.. it really sucks to worry about that kinda stuff. My heart goes out to you...
  8. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    Try medicaid. If it's offered in your area. Go to your local health department or government office and ask about applying for medicaid or a program like it.

    With my being pregnant, I get all of my services free of charge....I don't pay co-pay or anything.
    My benefits are:
    • Hearing aids. ($1400 max per ear every 36 months)
    • Audiometric services (1 audiologist visit per 12 months)
    • Vision services ($200 max on eyewear per 12 months)
    • Prosthetic Devices
    • Home Health Services
    • DME
    • EPSD
    • Treatment for conditions identified with EPSD
    • Substance abuse help
    • Maternity services (Nurse mid-wife services, pregnancy-related services, services for conditions that might complicate the pregnancy and 60 days post partum related services)
    • Podiatry services
    • End stage renal disease
    • Acute inpatient hospital services
    • Lab, diagnostic, and radiology services
    • outpatient services
    • Ambulance
    • behavioral health
    • allergy services
    • preventative services
    • Denal (2 cleanings per 12 months, one set of x-rays per 12 months, and extractions)
    • family planning
    • Occupational therapy (15 visits per 12 months)
    • physical therapy (15 per 12)
    • Speech therapy (10 per 12)
    • Hospice
    • Chiropractor
    • Prescription drugs
    • Emergency room
    You can find out about it here: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/home/medicaid.asp
    You should definitely apply for it.
  9. mighty_thor

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    Peace A,

    This is a complicated issue... You need professional advice!

    I'm NO expert, but here's what I can suggest, based on my *limited* experience:

    If your dad had "continuous coverage" then you are probably OK with the pre-existing condition... in otherwords, if he had no lapse in coverage, or went straight from one policy to another, then the pre-existing business usually doesn't apply. Also, At least in my state, companies are REQUIRED to allow you to pay for your own coverage for up to 18 months after you leave a company, under most circumstances, so that you can remain insured while arranging for new coverage. This is called "COBRA" coverage.

    One other piece of advice... become a farmer... Seriously! I worked as a consultant for some years, but while I was self-employed, I joined a farmer's organization, and thus became a member of their group... that let me buy insurance under their group. Ask around... see if there are any trade associations that will let you join, and get coverage with their group.

    All of the other folks' advice sounds very good too! Be sure to get some professional help here... a friendly insurance agent who can't cover you, for instance. This is too important to leave to chance! Find out the facts!

    Good Luck!

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