What Do Brits Think Of The British Empire?

Discussion in 'History' started by PinkProlific, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Sinn Fein might disagree.
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    No more or less a terrorist organisation, within the UK, the any other around the world.

    Nelson Mandela and Yassah Arafat come to mind.
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    The British empire was the largest the world has known and covered nearly a Quarter of the earths land mass at its height
    Never happen again will it ?

    Not proud of it
    not ashamed of it ! its what happened I learned it at School in History lessons

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    In my youth I was brought up on the history of great conquests and discoveries, of how Africa and India were helped both in educational and social advances, it was only as I grew up and learned for myself of a much darker side of how expansion was assured.
    Each Nation has in its' past, atrocities not to be proud of - and whether the end result of development of the colonies abroad can be justified is debatable - for in the end it is within these actions that independence has been achieved.
    > It's probably a good idea to get those living in (ex) colonies how they feel about it also - to balance the views here gathered
    My personal view is that any Empire is the same, starts with good intention - on a basis of civilisation and order, - but inevitably ends up as being authoritarian and produce chaos - and Revolution
    - Be it Roman, British and or a.n.other:-

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    My American view is that Britain did not do anything other countries did not do. For a time several European countries had colonies all justified by the idea that they were more civilized and they owed it to lesser people to show them how to live. They also were financially profitable by exploiting the areas. No one alive now was there to make decisions back then. You can not blame them for the past. I don't think the average English person supports what was done back then. All you can do is the make the present better.
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