What can stoners get at walmart?

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by The Joint Specialist, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Besides munchies and such.... IM going to be picking up some rubbing alc. to clean my peices... what else could i get?
  2. polecat

    polecat Weerd

    a shotgun.
  3. Startreken

    Startreken Marijuana Chef!

  4. Topher D.

    Topher D. Senior Member

    Everything except for MHRB for making DMT.
    Nutrients for your plants.
    Blunt Wraps.
    Wooden Pipes.
  5. lol herpes...
  6. weedwhacker

    weedwhacker TFM Bro!

    you could probably find those metal sockets that work really well for bowls when smoking home-made pieces, to avoid the dreaded tin foil
  7. digitalldj

    digitalldj Canucks ftw!

    chrome plated cheap ass sockets are worse then smoking out of tin foil
  8. weedwhacker

    weedwhacker TFM Bro!

    they have brass ones that are safe for smoking too
  9. well the reason i asked was because i got a 100 dollar gift card. im going to get

    rubbing alc.
    lots of packs of papers/bluntwraps
    and idk what else...
  10. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    red socks, fishnet stocking, camo shorts, a wife beater T, and a trucker hat..
    Wait, thats what I wear to wal-mart.. My bad.. :D
  11. CannbisSouL

    CannbisSouL Smoke 'till you toke. Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

  12. marksup123

    marksup123 I'm a girl!


    video games.
  13. CircaX43521

    CircaX43521 rat in a drain ditch

    get a bunch of air horns and one of the "mart carts" and drive through the isles harassing people.
  14. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    a job?
  15. twang

    twang on the run

    a bunch of bouncy balls to throw over the aisle's into other aisle's and listen for "woah!"'s
    while you do your shopping for the stuff you actually need.
  16. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    u fail at the interweb if you pay for porn
  17. ganjabomber

    ganjabomber Senior Member

    i like the airhorns idea but i think you should buy some bulk lighters. you might be able to get 200 or so shitty ones
  18. weedwhacker

    weedwhacker TFM Bro!

    fuck shitty lighters, bic is the official lighter for stoners
  19. Im surprised nobody has said to just steal the things.

    Unless you were already planning on doing that lol.
  20. CannbisSouL

    CannbisSouL Smoke 'till you toke. Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    he said he has a 100$ gift card, or something like that

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