what books are good?

Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by nomadspirit88, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. nomadspirit88

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    Yo i been in the meditation game from about a few months now. Ive been getting good. When i do it i feel all tingley and very still, and i have a cool sensation in my body. Does anyone know any good books for to go beyond the level of meditaion im currently experincing. I want a book that focuses on one technique in great detail if that is possible. perferably a focus on insight meditation. YES!!!
  2. patelvipulk

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    You ay like the book" The Extrasensory Potentials of mind" . It is a translation of a book by a great spiritual master from Inida and can be downloaded from literature section of the main website of All world Gayatri Pariwar:

    This book does not fouc on a specific meditation technique btut has great explanation of what happens during meditation..
    hope you like it..
  3. nomadspirit88

    nomadspirit88 Member

    awsome man. Seems like an interesting website.
  4. patelvipulk

    patelvipulk Member

    Did you like any books from this website?
    There are some nice viedos in Englsih on this website also.
  5. dim

    dim Member

  6. jose silva's mind control method goes into dynamic meditation.
  7. i'd definitely recommend "Yoga In Daily Life" by Paramhans Swami Mahesvarananda and try www.yoga-in-daily-life.org

    god bless,

  8. Turn

    Turn Member

    Just bumping this thread so I can read those links later

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