What are good ways to save money with new baby?

Discussion in 'Attachment Parenting' started by Jhonvomer, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Jhonvomer

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    me and my husband are about to have our second child in sept. and it will cost my whole check to go to work and put them in day care. so we see no point in putting them in day care. i will be a stay at home mom. i am already going to be using cloth diapers and wipes. and breastfeeding if possible to save a little money. plus i have a lot of the clothes from our first son that i can reuse and i have all his furniture. any help with money saving idea's would be great help. Plus do ya'll know any good coupon sites?
  2. Habiba3

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    Of course you will be able to breastfeed.

    If you do cloth diapers and wipes and EBF then all baby needs is clothes. You can get them at eBay used. As for detergent and food Costco is great. Also consider making your own garden for veggies. Also beans and rice from scratch make nutritious filling meals and are very inexpensive.

    I EBF, sleep w her, bathe w her, use cloth, and have no expenses for my baby.
  3. Spectacles

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    You will find tons of kids clothing at yard sales.
  4. don't have another baby seems the most logical for me.

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