What’s your most embarrassing moment naked?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by mulliganman, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Geoffj

    Geoffj Members

    I can understand that, I was 15 when this happened to me and at that age embarrassment is a killer but I was lucky and convinced her not to tell her mother, how the hell could I have explained that to my Aunty, I would have been banned from ever going over there again lol. As it worked out in the end it eventually started things between us and given me my fondest childhood memories.
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  2. rheeglenn

    rheeglenn Members

    My embarrassing story about being caught naked is not all that embarrassing, because it wasn't my fault.

    Several years ago, when our first son was born, my mother-in-law came to live with us for a while, to help us take care of him. One night during her visit, my MIL had gone to bed in her room, and my wife and I had sex in our bedroom. We were pretty far along, and I was on top of her, thrusting inside of her and everything, when we heard our bedroom door click open, and my MIL just walked right in to ask my wife some question (that could have waited until morning! lol).

    We had the covers over us, because it was winter. (Had it been summer, we might have been doing it in the open.) So MIL didn't see much, plus the lights were off. Still, I got out of my wife and darted to my side of the bed. The conversation didn't last long, and on the way out of the room, my MIL said, "Sorry, I should have knocked," revealing the reality that she knew exactly what we were doing. Whatever; after she left, we resumed and finished. lol

    Like I said, not that embarrassing, because it was our apartment, in our own bed, and the MIL didn't see any private parts. Still, I had been on top of her. Wife and I have talked about it several times in the years since it happened, because it was more funny than embarrassing. But I jumped off my wife because getting caught like that was more annoying than embarrassing. I guess I could have just remained there, mounted on my wife. But then, that could have embarrassed her, because I imagine that having to talk to her own mother while a penis is inside of her would be unpleasant.
  3. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    Didn't realize my computer camera was still on. The little light was shining and I just wasn't paying attention. Sometimes computers can have too many lights! One for the battery being charged. One for the internet connected. I guess it was a case of little light overload....
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  4. rheeglenn

    rheeglenn Members

    Oh, my. So who saw that lovely show? :)
  5. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    Fortunately only my girlfriend. But could have been much worse.
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  6. Diggingditch

    Diggingditch Members

    Me and my girl were at a remote hot springs in the mountains. I was getting a bj sitting on a rock and was so enjoying the moment I had my eyes shut and when I opened them. 2 couples were starring at us. Awkward yes but the guys said they were hoping for the same treatment. Knuckles as they went to the upper pool. It was a turn on for both of us being caught and had mind blowing sex later.
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  7. Sweetcock26650

    Sweetcock26650 Members

    I live in a penthouse so One day me and my girlfriend where gonna fuck and we chased each other naked and on the garage ext building over that can see us there were like 20 people on those city scooters looking at us . so my girlfriend started blowing me as the i turned on the shades
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  8. Tito Costa

    Tito Costa Members

    I was at a GFs house, eating her pussy half way through sex. She gets over-excited and shouts at me to let her squirt piss all over me. She does it as her hot, slightly older sister comes in to find out what was going on. GF was freaking out in half orgasm and I am naked, covered in piss and rock hard in front of this other hot chick. GF got angry at her sis for being in and her sis told her as they were a conservative Christian family she would be in huge trouble if anything was leaked to their parents. The sister then locked me in her room while she hid my clothes around the house. When she let me out I had about 30 mins to find them. I was still pulling my pants up when the parents walked in. That was embarrassing.

    However I started dating the sister who was just as freaky in bed!
  9. Jayjangle

    Jayjangle Guest

    When I was like 12 or 13, I was playing truth or dare with two neighbor girls that I had the hots for, and my sister.

    Long story short (I can’t really remember every detail lol) me and the youngest of the sisters eventually got dared to strip and just stand in the middle of the clubhouse naked for a bit. My sister turned away but I sort of thought she did see it, and so did the older sister.

    Though I got to see one of the sisters completely naked next to me for a while so it wasn’t a loss really :p
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  10. olderndirt

    olderndirt Members

    Having a physical exam by my girlfriend's father, who was our team doctor.
  11. NubbinsUp

    NubbinsUp Members

    I'd been dating a woman for about a month, and we had an intense mental and emotional connection, but we'd done no more than kiss so far. One evening at her place, she said she was ready, asked if I had a condom, and slowly stripped for me as I watched. "Now your turn," she said. I could tell that she was excited and enjoying the anticipation, but when I was wearing just my boxer briefs, and I pulled them down, she had a look of concern and disappointment on her face. Her first words, which I'll never forget, were: "Our sexual organs are mismatched!" She told me directly on first sight that my penis was too small for her. That moment was pretty much the end of the road for us together.

    I was hoping we would have fun anyway, and that she'd be willing to at least try, but for her it was an unpleasant surprise and a complete turn-off. We didn't have sex, and she started getting dressed pretty quickly as she explained the sudden lack of compatibility. Awkward for both of us, and embarrassing for me. She didn't tell me to leave, but I got the message, dressed, and left.
  12. LowHangers

    LowHangers Members

  13. nudistguyny

    nudistguyny Members

    I was with a group of friends doing white water canoeing. We had stopped along a few large boulders along the river bank for lunch. We had our canoes tied together in a group. Another group pulled up and asked if they could share the same spot to have lunch also. We agreed, it was just the right thing to do.

    Mid-way through our break I decided to head up the hill to relieve myself. And found a small clearing that was out of sight of everyone. The pants that I were wearing did not have a fly to them and it was just easier to drop them to my ankles then to try to hold them up and out of the way as I was peeing . All of a sudden I heard a female voice say " Oh, Don't mind me. I have to do the same thing " And sure enough she dropped her shorts and was kneeling only a few feet away from me. She thought it was funny that here are two total strangers, bare ass, next to each other peeing in the woods.
    I have to admit that I was a little embarrassed at the time. But now years later the whole thing was kind of funny.
  14. DiG

    DiG Members

    This one isn't me that was embarrassed but an ex work colleagues son in law.
    I was friends with a work colleague moved away to live in her parents house when her mother died, that house has a life of its own, the sort of place where you get up from your seat and a cupboard door opens, the stairs sound like someone is going up them when there is nobody using them, i am sure you get the picture.
    Anyway she celebrated her 50th birthday three years ago, and I stayed with her for a few days before and after her party. Her daughter and son in law were also staying.
    On the Monday after the party I opened my bedroom door and the bedroom door opposite swung open to reveal her son in law just getting out of bed and sporting a full on erection. I have never seen someone so embarrassed as he was. It probably didn't help that instead of me showing any sign of embarrassment I told him it was impressive, I know but I can't help how I am.
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  15. nudistguyny

    nudistguyny Members

    I don't know about doors just opening by themselves. I had a door for one of the bedrooms that if you stepped on the floor just right in the hallway the door would open. Adjusting the door knob keeper solved that issue.
  16. LowHangers

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    My ex sister in-law made the same statement when she saw me on a family camping trip. Yeah, I was a bit embarrassed but at the same time flattered. I told my wife in the morning and she wasn't bothered by it as she told me she'd already told her I was pretty big...sisters, they share everything.
  17. Sonja1970

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    7 years ago when i was following my daughter when her Group at Kindergarten was going swimming, I had recently been pierced downstairs and when standing in the shower this friend of my daughter suddenly ask her mom why i had hidden jewlery in my pee-pee….
  18. mefesh

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    I thought this thread was funny but this it's sad
  19. Wade Orchid

    Wade Orchid Members

    did she tell her it was because you were a hot , sexy mom.
  20. Sonja1970

    Sonja1970 Members

    I can always hope for it lol

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