What’s the food for Yoga?

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    Most Yoga practitioners recommend the intake of organic greens and they essentially advocate vegetarianism. As we look back to the ancient times which also contains the roots of Yoga, it can be observed that the vegan recipes were quite in vogue those days. These recipes had incredible healing
    and preventive values and helped in keeping people healthy, just like Yoga does.

    As the relationship between Yoga and food proceeds further, there comes scope for considering the kind of food that is to be consumed before or after Yoga sessions. For this matter, just as types of Yoga movements differ with various physical and mental aspects of the body, the ideal food advised also
    does. For instance, before starting to work out, we require food that delivers high energy like grains,and after working out our body needs to cool down, with the help of salads and citrus fruits. A proper food plan leads to good digestion, adequate sleep and hence makes you rejuvenated and charged for a suitable Yoga session.
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    amalaki berries
    lots and lots of fruits
    and juices and water
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    Food is classified in 3 generic types, based on time it takes to digest-

    1 Sattvik- Which is easy and fast to digest- typically in 1 or 2 hours. It includes all fruits, salads, Plain rice, Yoghurt etc. (Also non spicy and lightly cooked)

    2 Rajasika- The spicy and cooked food, which takes around 2 to 3 hours to digest.
    Chicken and fish come under this category

    3 Tamasika- Heavily spiced, Beef, Red Meat etc. This normally takes 5 to 6 hours to digest completely.

    Yoga emphasis on fast digesting food, as it is a fast replenishment of energy. Also, freshly cooked food is advised rather than pre-cooked or stale food.

    At the same time, drinking lots water is advised, as it cleans away the accumulated toxins.
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    don't forget a proper dinacharya attenuates dosha vitiation, and you can do the elements of panchakarma like swedana, abhyanga, and so on at home. (Don't get stuck on basti).
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    true yogic diet=appreciate whatever people give you
    or maybe a bit of khir

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