What’s needed to stop an American dictatorship?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Balbus, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. Tishomingo

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    Well what if the weather is rotten, and it's several miles to the polling place, and you're arthritic or otherwise physically unable to walk far?
  2. Tishomingo

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    I think dictatorship is just around the corner. The whole thrust of what Trump has been doing lately--questioning the legitimacy of the elections, slowing down the mail service to make mail-in ballots more difficult, sending his goon squads to Democrat cities--is building toward that result. What are we prepared to do about it, if his armed and dangerous NRA fans back him up with armed force?
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    Who ?
    You think iffily . Philosophically , if is weak .
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  4. Idlewild

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    All it would take is cheating in the elections for America to get a dictator, just like what happened in Russia with Putin.

    We've been able to withstand four years of Trump, but just barely. The foundation of our country won't last another four. People need to vote, even if it's a bit risky. Wear face protection, and not just a cloth mask. Get a plastic shield or make one. I made one that attaches to a standard cloth face mask so I'm protected when I have to deal with people. Maybe I should post the design online.
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    Legitimate points all.

    Polling places are more walkable in urban areas. Remembering political clubs offering rides to voters on election day.

    Some people may not be so committed to voting having other priorities in their lives.
    They might not attach the high drama to voting as partisans do.
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    Why is Trump concerned that vote by mail could result in voter fraud? I would think he'd see it as an opportunity. Unless of course he knows that it discourages voter fraud, which is the last thing he wants discouraged.
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    He sees it as an opportunity to discredit the results, if he loses!
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    Which is why he must lose by a landslinde. SUPPORT THE LANDSLIDE!!
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    All you have to do is look at 2016. Notice how Trump and his voters were not satisfied with the results even though he won? In the weeks prior he was claiming it was all rigged because he believed he would not win. Then once he had the story became people had tried to cheat him but since the "real" America is so strong they were not successful.

    This inability to accept any disagreements in society and strong team identity are textbook fascism. It's very sad what has become of the Republicans.

    We have pushed them to the edge in 2020. They are angry that they have not gotten the results the wanted. Where is the wall? Is it still ok to be gay? What happens if you wear a "all live matter" shirt in a business? They will probably ask you to leave while allowing the BLM person to stay. There are numerous examples of people openly expressing right wing views being told their business is not welcome. The free market and majority support the Democratic party.

    They elected Trump because they thought he would sanction Civil War. They truly thought they would get the fun of ending the Democratic party with violence. Obama and Hillary will be hung on live TV and the socialists will be hunted.

    None of that has happened so they are willing to give up the last shred of America to make it happen. Because Trump can not do it their only answer is the core of America is corrupt and no longer free. They see themselves as bringing freedom back. He is beyond a god to them.

    Our grandfathers are rolling over in their graves. Why did they die in Europe for us if we are going to do this?
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