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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by is....is it in yet?, May 8, 2007.

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    So when everybody says wash your hair once a week do you mean only put shampoo in it once a week or keep them dry and wet them one aweek. I used to use a shower cap but my hair has outgrown it.Another thing is that i work with oil all day and the stuff gets in the air, I wear a tam but still think the oil is getting in and hindering the whole process. Im thinking of not wearing a shower cap anymore and just shower with my hair free every-other day.Not getting it wet but letting the shower mist dampen them abit to work off some of the oil and then just wash with doc bronners on sunday (sunday is my hair washing day) Does anybody have any suggestions?
    Oh and another thing the tam i have a 100% cotten, is this okay will this work cant find any wool hats
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    wash it as much as you need to..whatever works for you.

    Your gameplan sounds good.

    as for the oil..ah, that sucks. Maybe try putting pantyhose or something over your head, THEN doing the tam over that..like double protection?
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    as long as you are confident that your dreads are drying out thoroughly between washes/wettings then go for it. i think its better for your scalp and hair if you only shampoo once a week or so, but you could prolly get it wet more often depending on your hair.
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    haha why don't you wear a showercap at work :p than the oil probably can't get on your hair :p

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