we're not destined or fated to anything!

Discussion in 'The Future' started by themnax, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    we're creating our collective futures right now all the time by everything we think and do and have be more and less important to us and especialy all the little things we never think about. and the sooner we stop carelessly screwing it up the sooner the better it will be. of course the converse is also true. but it isn't a matter of being fated. it's all a matter of what we're actualy doing.
    oh sure there's gods and spirit people and all that, whatever you want to call them too. but it ain't them that's doin it. it's all us and all up to the collective defacto consensus of our own actual individual selves.
    it's between how things actualy work, of which we have considerable though incomplete knowledge, and how we act and what we do. not how some nontangable thing or many of them react to how we act and what we do, but how it effects and interacts with how things actualy work.
    i'm not saying the nontangable couldn't 'intervene' to some extent if it felt like it, but trying to pretend that it is in the habbit of doing so when it is clearly not, is more then anything else a kind of collective denial of the simple reality of our own defacto collective statistical influence
  2. -GOD-

    -GOD- Banned

    "we're not destined or fated to anything!"

    Oh yes, you are.

    Don't even give me an arguement.

    Otherwise, I will send a plague of locust on your ass.
  3. gEo_tehaD_returns

    gEo_tehaD_returns Senior Member

    Predestination. Read up.

    It makes sense. There are laws of physics, every action results in an exact, specific reaction. You are only walking your set path, as we all are. There are many forks in the path, but it matters not. The course is decided. Were you to be reborn into the exact same life again, every variable exactly the same, you would take the exact same path.
  4. crazy_gurl

    crazy_gurl Member

    i don't think we're 'controlled' in any way so that we're destined to take a certain path. we are all individuals with different ways of thinking, we make up our own minds on vertain matters and what to do. no-one could possibly predict everything that we do in life, and im talking about just little things like, for example, going to the store, buying a pack of gum that is orange instead of apple flavour. with our minds we decide what we do on the spur of the moment, and each decision in turn leads to other actions and ends up in a goal. even the choosing of a different flavour of gum could change things, and no-one has the power to predict that.

    unless someone is so powerful that they can read into our minds...
    or perhaps our minds are being controlled and its not really us thinking what we are thinking... if you get what i mean.
  5. JosieJune

    JosieJune Member

    It's mindboggling to think of the collective mental energy and thoughts that have been passed down throughout human existence...leading us to where we are right now.

  6. E-man216

    E-man216 Member

    and yet we're mind-boggiling stupid!

    seriously though,
    time is a very difficult thing to define or even to have a basic understanding over.
    Read some of Hawking's work, you'll see what i mean

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