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Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by happyonehit420, Apr 29, 2007.

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    Is it bad for your nose to start bleeding as soon as you're done snorting a line? Have I been doing too much lately if my nose is bleeding?
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    most people who do to much coke get nose bleeds.The Kerosene in it is the main thing that eats your nose and causes nose bleeds. But ounce you do it for a few years real heavy and it eats away most of your inner nose you will stop getting them. The first year or so I started doing coke real heavy I would get terrable nose bleeds. I would be sitting in class or watching TV and my nose would just start dripping blood like crazy. It usally happens when you are not on coke also, When you are fucked up your nose does not bleed its when you are sober. So It might be a sign of to much coke , You better chill out with the lines ???? If it is happening after you snort a line there might be some nasty shit in that coke that is used to cut it. Most people get nose bleeds after they use not during.
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    formula for a nose bleed: high blood pressure and microtears in the mucosal lining

    so yeah coke will do that, of course different cuts may lead to worse microtears. I never use coke but still get an occassional nosebleed,usually when there is something irritating in the air and my blood pressure is transiently high (e.g. with too much caffeine).

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