Well i bought 20x...

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by john_the_pothead, Jun 2, 2004.

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    and i haven't tried it before...bad idea?
    im gonna have a sitter...im guessing one little ball will get me fucked...

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    wat im about to say goes with any drug, start slow and work ur way up, my first "drug" was dxm aka the bullshit as ppl call ti around here and i thought i could take wat erowid thought was a heavy dose (500 mg) i thought i could handle it which i was able to for 99% of the trip the last part of the trip i fainetd and blacked out etc and ended up int he hospital room cause i was scared, im in no way saying dont do it im just saying once u go in...theres no coming back
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    My salvia experience was initiated by about a standard marijuana hit of 10x. I've posted this before, but so I don't ahve to rewrite the entire thing.. .


    My first meeting with Salvia (two days ago) left me frightened and confused. A friend who had a bag of 10x called me up and told me to come over. Once there, we walked into the woods and he gave me a coke can with some holes in it, and the extract resting on top. I did not want to stand during the experience, so I sat on a thin log. This was an uncomfortable position. Mosquitos were thick, and I was afraid this bad setting might result in a bad tip. Used to smoking weed in the woods, I said "fuck it" and took a large hit. I started to feel it coming on. I was blasted by a powerful feeling, as though I had taken 10 hits of weed compressed into one. I made my friend take the can so I wouldn't drop it. He said "Thats it? You've gotta have more than that, you let the smoke out too quickly, it's not gonna do anything." I told him to eat shit as I crossed into a different world.

    I had never used any type of mind altering drug before this point besides marijuana (a lot of it). This was the first time I had ever felt such terror. After the "coming up" feeling, I remember nothing for a certain amount of time (I don't know how long, my mind was not concious and therefore couldn't measure the time). When I first began to think again, it was as though I was returning. I was a part of some strange sculpture in this universe, where mine was the only living soul. A branch from a tree was piercing my throat and holding my jaw open. My first thought was "Oh please not again". It was not in words, but in emotion. It was like I had been through this before, and wanted it to stop more than anything. I told myself "I'm never doing this again".

    At one point, I moved my head and was jerked mostly back into reality. I suddenly remembered that my friend was there, and I believed I was in the woods, but I wasn't sure.
    "We're in the woods, aren't we?!" i said
    I knew what was going on now, but I was still very much impaired. I had to breathe in a certain pattern, I felt, because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to breathe at all. When I spoke, I had to pronounce each syllable to a beat, or what I wanted to say wouldn't come out. I attempted to describe what I was feeling to my friend, but by the end of the sentence I realized I was talking about something completely unrelated to the original subject, so I gave up on communication. My friend started walking away and told me it was time to go.
    "Fuck man, I can't walk right now." I forced myself to get up and walk unsteadily after him. Shortly after, he stopped and turned to face me."
    "Bye Mike"
    I knew, even in my state of confusion, that he was fucking with me, so I walked in circles while I waited for him to come back. A couple minutes later, I heard him shout. I walked as fast as I could toward him, and heard him say that he had stepped on a nail. I believed that he was seriously hurt, and taht he needed medical attention, but I was in no condition to call an ambulance.

    I followed my friend as he hopped on one foot out of the woods. At this point I just felt very stoned. We looked at his foot, and I was relieved to see that there was very little blood. Once back at his house, I felt mostly sober. I knew the salvia was still affecting me though when I lost my friend, and couldn't follow his voice. I would ask where he was, and he would say "I'm right here!". I could hear him perfectly, yet I could not tell where the sound came from. Fortunately, I eventually found him, and he put on some music for me. I relaxed, looked at a book with pictures of sculptures, and contradicting the Mike of 20 minutes ago, said

    "I can't wait to do that again!"


    Some things I forgot to mention in there :

    - I was laughing harder than weed had ever caused me too, yet nothing was the least bit funny. I was quite scared.

    - "I felt like I was returning" is a bad way to word what I was trying to say. I forgot that there had ever been any other way of existing when I was there. It was very unpleasant and frightening, and I felt like that was the way it had always been, only it was just now hitting me. I had no memory of taking a drug, nor of my life. I forgot that anyone else existed. i was simply in this horrid sculpture, and that was existence.

    - At the point where I moved my head, I suddenly knew where I was, and felt some relief remembering that I had taken a drug. I instantly snapped out of the other world thing and knew where I was and why. There were no hallucinations, but I felt very ,very intoxicated and confused. It was hard to make my body respond the way I wanted to, I had to talk and breathe in patterns, and I wouldn't dream of being able to walk in that state (I find it strange that I did not hallucinate even though I was feeling such intense effects, anyone else had that happen?).

    So, i would imagine you'll want to be very careful with 20x. I believe I may have a low tolerance to mind altering substances (I'm always the first to quit smoking weed). Even so, if you assume my 10x experience is half of what your 20x would be. . . i'd advise you to be very careful with the stuff.
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    Sounds a little high to me.
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    Jetblack, 500 mg isn't a strong dose of DXM, 1,000 mg and upwards is. I did 780 at one time, but I was foolish enough to use Coriciden Cough and Cold for it and got my stomach pump; although I think I hadn't overdosed on the anti-histamine. I've been anxious to try 900 mg though...
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    it said that 1 gram of their 20x is 100 mg of salvinorin.
    for me 650mics is excellent (level 4 with a touch of level5) & that is 0.65 mg so the true dose number in
    1 gram of their 20x is 153 hits. - I Believe that - a gram of great standardized 10x is about 75 hits for me, multiply by 2 - bingo.

    In the literature barely noticeable threashold effects are at 100 mics but you cant use that as a guide for anything (just level 1 - like a beer or less).

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