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    Welcome all! Here is a rough draft syllabus of what we will be covering in class, feel free to print it off or save it, but be aware that it is subject to change!

    Syllabus for Poetry Class

    *It is suggested that all students keep a writing journal in which they will keep all assignments*

    1. Learn a few different types of poetry including but not restricted to-




    Free Verse

    Blank Verse




    Dramatic monologue



    2. Learn some poetic terms including but not limited to-

    Anapest (an anapestic foot)



    Dactyl (a dactylic foot)


    Iamb (an iambic foot)


    3. Poetry terms self check

    4. Write a Haiku

    5. Write a second poem (choose any type other than a Haiku)

    6. Learning to scan poetry

    7. Learn Prosody *meters*

    Dactylic hexameter

    Trochaic octameter

    Iambic heptameter

    Anapestic pentameter

    7. Self check on Prosody

    8. Finding inspiration! For those who aren’t motivated or need a push in the “write” direction!

    9. Write a free verse poem

    10. Pick a poem that moves you-any poem-memorize it and perform it in from of a friend or yourself. Be expressive- Be the poem!

    11. Pick a poet and do a one page report- Who are they, when were they, what did they do and what inspired then to write, why you picked them, your favorite poem/least favorite poem and why, etc.

    12. Observation, Description, Simile, Metaphor

    13. For five consecutive days, find at least one thing that inspires you. Write (a) poem(s) about these things. Use the techniques learned above.

    14. Go back through all of the poems written from the beginning of class and compare them. What elements are in each? Try to pick out terms learned, meter, etc. Can you see a difference from the beginning of class?

    15. Pick three of your favorite songs. Find the lyrics (or write them down). Now- pick out the poetic elements! Can you find at least 6 in each? Simile, metaphor, personification, rhyme, alliteration?

    16. Write a poem using as many of the elements learned.

    17. Write a sonnet

    18. Final self check
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    I like poetry class..

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