Weirdest Place You've Ever Traveled?!?

Discussion in 'The Hip Polls' started by maryjanegirl_2005, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. maryjanegirl_2005

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    The weirdest place i ever encountered was on my way back from the Grand Canyon in like 1997 or 1998. My family and i stopped at a little shop on the side of the road to buy some native american charms/rings or something and i put a ring on to see how it looked on my finger and i couldn't get the darn thing off and this wierd indian old man kept looking at me. Well finally i just jerked the damn thing off and walked my happy ass back to the car. The shop we stopped at looked like one of those hand made huts made from mud or something, lol. I dunno if this qualifies as a weirdest place but, to me it was rather weird.
  2. themnax

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    nevada desert in the middle of the night, the time we accidently drove through a teleportation nixus. (and ended up on the other side of the state without ever driving through any of the towns in between)

  3. chuckf2000

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    dubrovnik, yugoslavia when it was part of the soviet union. We had this soviet gaurd who stood facing your ship the whole time we were there for like 5 days or so. Wasn't friendly at all.
  4. peaceloveandsunshine

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    red light district, amsterdam
  5. redyelruc

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    The temple of Karni Mati in Deshnok, India. It's a huge marble temple that is home to around 50,000 holy rats. They are beleived to be the re-incarnated souls of scholars and scribes.

    You have to take off your shoes before entering and it is considered good luck if a rat runs over your feet. The Indian people travel out to this tiny village in the desert with this huge temple and then eat bread that the rats have been sleeping and shitting in.

    Really weird!
  6. berkano

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    Well, I've seen a few cool places, but as for weirdest - there is a little village we drive through on the way to the seaside, and all around that area, it just looks like it must have looked 20-30 years ago, like time forgot it.
  7. PsyGrunge

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    Llangollen. It was a very weird place. A shop full of stuffed animals? No thank you.

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