weird things about calanders and dates

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by cerridwen, Jun 1, 2004.

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    December 19 Is Underdog And Unsung Hero Day

    February 9-15 Is Random Acts Of Kindness Week

    November 24-30 National Game And Puzzle Week

    Months That Start With A Sunday Always Has A Friday The 13th

    November 21 Is World Hello Day

    January Is National Soup Month

    November 18 Is Mickey Mouse's Birthday

    February 14-21 Is Homes For Birds Week

    November 17 Is Homemade Bread Day

    National Pie Day Is March 14 (3.14....)

    March Is Music In Our Schools Month

    October 10 Is National Metric Day

    February 9-15 Is National Kraut And Frankfurter Week

    October 4, 1957 Is One Of The Most Impotant Dates In History Because Leave It To Beaver And The Russian Satelite Sputnik 1 Were Launched

    March 2 Is Dr. Seuss' Birthday

    September 28 Is National Good Neighbour Day

    April 13-19 Is National Week Of The Ocean

    April 7 Is No Housework Day

    March 8-14 Is Autograph Collecting Week

    March 25 Is Pecan Day

    February 4 Is The Half-way Point Of Winter

    March 26 Is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

    March 14 Is Save A Spider Day

    September 10 Is Sew Be It! Day
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    I was concerned about this.

    When I created time so that humans could enjoy my other creations in a specific moment - I kneweth that some of my less proud achievements would posteth stuff like that.
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    Are you for real about this info?


    "Grilled cheese sandwiches will save the world!"
  4. cerridwen

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    I found it on some site... I forget which site it is though...

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