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Discussion in 'Performing Arts' started by Micha, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Micha

    Micha Now available in Verdana!

    Does anyone know of any 'weird' instruments (that 5000 people at school dont play) that arent exeptionally hard or exeptionally expensive.
  2. fruit bat

    fruit bat All dumplings are real.

    Thumb Piano, Zither, Didge.. Ooooooh You can make a didge at home for like ten bucks. :D

    Look up PVC didgeridoo's on google. there's how-to's everywhere. :D
  3. psilonaut

    psilonaut Mushroom Muncher

    Theramin! Wicked cool instrument.... I always find nose flutes amusing hehe
  4. Oz!

    Oz! Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

  5. deadonceagain

    deadonceagain mankind is a plague

    glass harmonica,saw,circut bent toys,bells.
  6. jay

    jay Member

    the montain or appalachina dulcimer
  7. JungleFungus

    JungleFungus Member

    the sousaphone! or a kazoo.
  8. WHorseTurtle

    WHorseTurtle Member

    Rattle made with shells...
  9. trekker

    trekker Intrepid Traveler

    The Vibraslap. The Dead used it in one of their albums. Sounds weird. [​IMG]
  10. Erol

    Erol Member

    what do you think? ;)
    very exotic

  11. Oric

    Oric Member

    Sousaphone/tuba is both hard, and exceptionally expensive. Mine cost about... $7000.
  12. bass flute......

    e flat clarinet (people will want you dead, it's the piccolo of the clarinet world)

    flugle horn
  13. Spaceduck

    Spaceduck Member

    The hurdy gurdy! That's one wicked ass instrument (featured in Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks"). Prolly cost you a pretty penny tho.

  14. sniffmagikmarkrs

    sniffmagikmarkrs Senior Member

    vibraslaps are sweet!..... if i was you, i'd go with the cabasa, but any other small percussion instruments (us drummers call them toys) are usually easy to play too
  15. AmyC.

    AmyC. Member

    what about those finger cymbals... like belly dancers use? Or a rain stick -digredoo?
  16. _chris_

    _chris_ Marxist

    jaws harp :D
  17. psyche

    psyche fun for the whole family

    doumbek (the kind of hand drums you hear in middle eastern music), they're fuuun.. and it's easy to learn rhythms on them cause middle eastern music is additive rather than divisive, so you just need to learn some basic rhythms and build on them yourself. around where i live a good quality doumbek runs from about 90-120$ (canadian)
  18. alice_d_millionaire

    alice_d_millionaire Just Do It©

    ummm, hammered dulcimer?
  19. noland

    noland Member

    Vibraslaps are really cool, not real expensive either. Jaw/mouth harps are awesome too. You can find a descent mouth harp at Cracker Barrell stores. Hurdy Gurdys are really expensive and not the easiest things to find. Harmonicas are a good inexpensive instrument. Easy to find, not hard to play, and they come in any key imaginable so you can play all kinds of music.
  20. Burbot

    Burbot Dig my burdei

    pan flute...just find a 10,000 Villages store and they have a bunch of great stuff [but way too many "singing bowls"]

    meg, what was that thing that is like half a big coconut type thing with those little metal keys that you pluck called

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