weird happenings when I fall asleep

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by notreallyhere, May 27, 2006.

  1. notreallyhere

    notreallyhere Member

    I don't really know how to explain it

    and that's not all
  2. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    yes then can happen. we live in strainger universe then anyone realizes or most seem to want to. but don't be too affraid. most of this straingeness isn't hostile, or even awair of existing. and there is friendlyness and good intentions in it too. not everything in it is safe, but it's not all out to gobble you up either.

    yes there is a way your SUBconscous can influence real world things sometimes. ancient people tried to study this objectively, before we developed sufficient tecnologies to not have so often to rely upon was and still is poorly understood and probably quite unreliable.

    but as you say, things, sometimes do happen.

    then again there are alway human jokesters who like to play with each other's minds in perfectly ordinary tangable ways. both things exist and happen.


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