Weird dream - wonder what it means?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by OldGold, May 8, 2004.

  1. OldGold

    OldGold Member

    I have a recurring dream where I see my wife having sex with another man (sometimes men) - the weird part is that its extremely exciting.....and I usually wake up with wildly beating heart!

    My wife thinks I'm crazy - whatever gave here THAT idea!

  2. OldGold

    OldGold Member

    No one likes your dream man .... this zero reply status is not good for delicate ego. sob sob...
  3. retrofishie

    retrofishie Senior Member

    that's really weird, maybe it's your inner desires comming out? or maybe your afraid that she is or has been unfaithfull to you.
  4. OldGold

    OldGold Member

    We've discussed it at length. I've been having this dream for about 5 years now. I know that she has not been unfaithful to me but I think she's not as physically attracted to me as I am to her.

    The dream may be a representation of this feeling and portrays her as having more fun with other people. However, the weird part is that I am turned on by it too.

    Wondering if other people have had a similar experience.


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