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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by iamwhatiam, Aug 27, 2005.

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    i dreamt the other night that i was on a tropical beach. and on this tropical beach there was a huge boulder/cliff that i had climbed to the top of. i liked sitting on top of this rock mass, so i decided i would return to sit on top and meditate for a while. when i returned, while climbing to the top i noticed a bunch of discarded clothes along the trail to the top. this made me feel uncomfortable because it meant someone had been there.

    when i got to the top, i looked down at the beach below and there were a few tall evergreen trees towering out of the sand. then i noticed a raccoon scuttle down this one long tree and run down to the water and he proceeded to eat a dolphin that was washing up on to shore.

    next thing i know.... i am in the water, and rushing desperately to get out of the water because this dark-toxic-waste is washing ashore. i make it and notice that a mermaid (with her baby in hand) has also swum ashore to avoid becoming engulfed in this evil substance. after a while, it subsides and the water becomes clear again.

    so i return to civilization, and go to a school where i notice everyone is in panic. everyone is running home to hide from something evil that is coming. i argue with the headmaster there to let me take some of the food reserve with me, because i am going to stay and fight this thing, whatever it is. i try to rally up people to come with me. i grab some food items, and then run into the street to meet with a couple other people and then I wake up from the dream.....
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    sometimes we face energetic waves of change that wash us ashore on strange lands and even as we become part of it, we find missing parts of our own selves asking us to be integrated and embraced ... even if wrapped into a feeling of contradiction and impending doom.

    But you have been here before, to dive into the mysteries of existance and now as you again stand and gaze in wonder, you know it is all you and there is nothing to fear. You are not limited.

    So just embrace all of the experience from a place of wholeness inside and know you are more because of it.


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