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Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by Glorious Nose Bleed, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Ok i think i way around to 130 to -140 im pretty skinny so how much should i take? Is it good enough for me to take 409-818 mg of dxm? i dunno my friends complaning about me being skinny..
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    ^^ I accidentally posted under my friends name. =P

    130-140 pounds I'd say about 400 for a goofy experience (quite fun), but if you really want to go out of your mind, 800-1000mg is great. When I take 900mg, it puts me in the most incredible dissociative state ever. I don't ever know where I am. I've walked around New York City tripping on 900mg's of DXM and it was one of the single best experiences of my life. I had friends with me who kept me from wandering off. It was fun as hell though =P

    Try taking 200mg first to asses if you have the deficiency like some Caucasian people. They lack the enzyme to metabolize DXM, so 200mg is more like 1000mg's to them. Taking too much with this deficiency could easily kill you. If 200 is just a little 'drunk' then feel free to take the other 200.
  4. Ok just checking. Thanks. i'll probably take the 900mg one.
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    for a first time? :&
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    yeah thats pretty insane and asking for a bad trip... don't do 900mg ur first time... heres a chart for your weight class: 140lbs

    1st Plateau: 95-195mg
    2nd Plateau: 159-477mg
    3rd Plateau: 477-955
    4th Plateau: 955+

    i suggest u slowly make ur way up the scale... u'll probably freak out thinking ur having a heartattack if u just jump into it... i myself will probably never go into the 4th Plateau... 3rd was enough for me (708mg) lasted 5 hours! was totally insane, but i kept myself under control and went with the flow. with a few lower dose trips before hand during the previous months... oh and i weighed 175lbs at the time...

    the comeup is a very stonish/drunkin state, (this is probably as far 2nd Plateau will bring you) on the comeup to 3rd ur then in a totally drunkin state i mean wasted, you probably wont even be able to walk if u reach the 3rd, i remember seeing myself stumble around trying to walk, i'd skip frames and never see my feet get off the ground but i was somehow moving forward... i then layed down in a pitch dark room, with some nice psytrance, goa music (sphongle, nodens ictus, astral projection) with some studio headphones, and a bucket near me (which i needed later) i slowly started drifting into space, i had the feeling of floating in some liquid substance, and the beat of the music made my legs and head feel like they were being pulled back and fourth like a rubberband... all this time i was having cev's, on dxm all the cev's seem to come in black & white... i also had cold chills, my whole body was shaking cause i felt so cold, but when i touched my face i was burning up... (so bring a blanket in case this happens) the cold chills wore off after awhile, and i was slowly drifting along for about 5 hours! in one position just listening to music... its a crazy dissociative, so becareful not to overdue it, and space ur trips, probably shouldn't do it more than 1 or 2 times a week...

    So have fun, Be safe, and have a nice trip!

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