Weed and Ulcers

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Pitros, May 14, 2007.

  1. Pitros

    Pitros Member

    It's just me or are too much people on this foruns and outside that smoke marijuana and hae some kind of problem with the stomach may a correlaction?I already had an ulcer and start to defecate blood but that was my fault i usually smashed 2 -5 lemon limes a day and drink it to loose weight but just thinking...
  2. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

    Wow, you sure are paranoid.
    Maybe you shouldn't smoke anymore.
  3. Pitros

    Pitros Member

    Shoul see the time i was in the campus woods siting and after blazed i stard to hear voices conpirating to kill me then i smeled blood in the grass and all around me there was hole like graves covered with dried grass of roting corpses of people that the goverment agents had killed in order to keep they silent next thing i know an ancient way had oppened there and i was walking in a crazy cemytery in the woods looked like an ancient thing and the blood stinch on the air was becoming heavier (was an strange evening)and the voices keept calling my name till i entered a grave like site and sat there for another joint then i realise that thats was the voices want me to do get up and get the hell out of there (worst experience til this day but i rarely get paranoid mayby was all tha painkillers i took in order to make cannabis effects more potent?)Usually i just hear the good spirits and look at the bright blue sky but this evening the devil was hunting me down(never came back to that site...yet)
  4. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

    Are you sure you weren't tripping? That sounds like a mixture of laced pot and paranoia.
  5. mortes

    mortes Senior Member

    Its hard for me to read what you wrote. I'm not sure why, you don't seem stupid, young, but ah! I do see you are from brazil that explains things.

    I don't think weed has anything to do with ulcers. If anything it helped to get rid of my stomach ulcer. I used to have constant stomach pain and now I rarely have stomach pain that doesn't have a directly discernable source.
  6. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

  7. gaum

    gaum Elephant Orgy

    haha yea i lol'd
  8. Stella_Drives

    Stella_Drives Senior Member

    Yes, eating that much citrus can cause nasty ulcers. I don't think smoking has are correlation with CAUSING stomach problems. Maybe if smoking increasing your anxiety, which in turn increasing stomach acidity which in turn creates ulcers? I don't know, I have acid reflux and have had an ulcer before and smoking always calmed my stomach more than anything.
  9. Rayan

    Rayan Member

    Dude - Thats a top class picture (i've been doin fashion photography for ages now)


    I deleted what I wrote by editing it!

    Something about weed defo not being linked to ulcers
  10. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

    Smoking cures everything.
    It's a wonder drug.
  11. gaum

    gaum Elephant Orgy

    thanks man, my friend took it when we were in DC

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