We need better hate speech laws in the USA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by unfocusedanakin, Feb 10, 2019.

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    The Civil War was over state's right. Slavery was an issue but not THE issue. In both the north and south of the USA blacks are a second class person. In the north it was a little more equal. There was incentive for them to escape to the north since life was better. But it would take until the 1960's for them to be truly equal in American society.

    They might not discuss separate but equal in other countries. It's not their history so they just cover the main points of the American wars.

    Separate but equal - Wikipedia

    I would not have an issue with the historical facts of the Confederate flag. It was in the 1960's that the love of it came back as a response to people like Marin Luther King Jr. Then it was a way for white people to protest his movement. They changed the definition of the flag. The south had the same motives as the colonies did when leaving England. Those who support the Confederate times like to point this out. It's true many of their soldiers did not even have the money to own slaves. Then it was not a race thing now it is.
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    You are probably right about that, since you probably know American history a lot better than I do, most of the American history we leaned in my school was about the battles with the native Americans.
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    He's not. But I grew up in the south, and heard that a lot too.

    The civil war was over states rights to own slaves. Every seceding state mentioned slavery in their deceleration of independence.
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    So how is unfocusedanakin not right? I thought he said it well.
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    I heard states rights many times growing up as a apologetic reason for the Civil War. It's revisionism... the Civil War was entirely about slavery.
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    Interessting, come to think about it my country once set our slaves free on the ilands of st.croix, st- thomas and one more that I can never remembre,, after we had done that we sold them to america, so that they could reinslave them (if that's even a word)...Suppose it would be fitting to cal us a special kind of assholes
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    Hm, no question it is also thankfully used as that but no, I'd say for a large part about slavery is better worded.
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    Why? Does your country still regularly do stuff like that?
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    It was about the states' right to own slaves, would probably be the best wording

    Because of all the times i've heard someone say it was about states' rights rather than slavery, they've never mentioned which rights were in question, other than the right to own slaves
  11. Pressed_Rat

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    I am all for hate speech.

    People can be hateful all they want until it involves physically harming someone.
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    Aren't most people. Hatespeech doesn't mean anything hateful. Consequences through law only come into consideration when someone's directly targeted and harmed. This isn't limited to physical harm, discrimination and/or hatespeech can also have real life consequences. It always matters on the details of an exact situation if its pushing the boundaries of free speech (i'm all for that), or hate speech in a discriminatory form that actually has real life consequences.
  15. Pressed_Rat

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    Hate speech is a very nebulous term. Anything can be labeled hate speech. Who decides what construes as hate speech?

    No, you cannot make threats to people or libel/slander them, but other than that the idea that speech should be regulated by a government body is rather scary, and is simply a gateway to eliminating free speech altogether.

    This is why these SJW type people are perfect useful idiots for a system that wants to clamp down on people being able to speak their mind.
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    No it was not. Various other issues plus slavery. The USA is very large and just like today it's hard to get everyone to agree. If it's all about slavery it implies a level or morality that is not there. Why are black people not equal in the north at the time if we are willing to have an entire war?

    I took many college classes on this. Saying it's all about slavery is what little kids are taught to make it simple.

    Everything You Know About the Civil War is Wrong – Jonathan Clark – Medium
  17. unfocusedanakin

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    I'd say the society as a whole similar to any other voting issue. So if the society decides to accept gay people for example we decide fag is a slur.

    The whole "anything is hate" is just the angle bigots use to justify.
  18. Pressed_Rat

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    There will always be bigotry. The notion you can eliminate it by stifling free speech is naive.
  19. unfocusedanakin

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    So we should do nothing?

    If this your logic let's say anyone can enter the country let's have no wall
    anyone can murder so why make murder illegal
    anyone can steal so why is theft a crime

    Of course criminals break the law. This does not mean we can not make a behavior criminal.
  20. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Having an unpopular belief, whether considered hateful or not, is not a crime, nor should it be.

    So give me example of hate speech.

    To compare spoken or written words to murder is a bit of a stretch.
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