We are one ... brain

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by zerre, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Love .. peace .. joy .. happiness .. comfort .. less ME .. more UNITY

    Been searching for a decent forum for months and I think I found it. There are really great posts and great replys. People seem sincere. Looking forward to share ...

    We are one brain
    Above and within
    We are one brain ... we are one
    Human brain ...
    Universal within
    One hundred billion neurons
    Each neuron tangles with electric feedings
    We are one ... brain

    Zerre-i Miskal
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    I agree with you. Welcome to the community! :)
  3. -GOD-

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    z -

    You are my type of poster. Thy God is really happy to see that you accept everything has been one.


    Thy must know that there is an exception - Jerry Springer. Thy God would prefer to keep him aside from the angels for the first few thousand years when he dies. I don't need anymore trouble up here. Thy should've seen how things were this week-end when Ronald Reagan came up... He and Nixon just don't do well together...

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