Discussion in 'Poetry' started by saffronfrancisburnet, May 24, 2004.

  1. for all ..

    tempted now ,i must enter
    a mind of thought,love noted.
    taste the wines,ripe friut of life.
    given all , swollen beneath the
    shall i fear a very feeling.
    deep in rhythm,calm movments.
    inner eye views the serpent.
    dashing waters carry all.
    never quite normal ,only
    softly spoken, tongues lash
    lust uncovered,passion flees.
    my body whispers, only for him.
    dragged below, that shallow deck.
    tamper not , no affect .
    finger lightly, end so sweet.
    memories crept did i repeat.
    all past motions ,all past ways.

    tempted always, just for life
    blinded once ,what horrid
    moans from human ,licked
    comfort slides onward away,
    swimming hard, i balance all.
    now its come to pain, let go
    long for movements, loving
    tender page, i write once

    thank you
    love n peace from saff
    today this crept in my mind
    how long we wait for love
    to give love , so willing ,
    so i posted this again thank you for reading.

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