Watching Your Partner Dump

Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by NikeGirl, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. NikeGirl

    NikeGirl Member

    Does anyone else here like to watch their partner piss and shit? I like to watch... I dont know why. It is a little bit dirty, a little bit kinky, but I just like to watch.
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  2. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

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  3. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    Not much into watching that.
  4. bigdaddyo

    bigdaddyo Member

    I'm into pee play but not scat. Different strokes for different folks. If you enjoy it and it doesn't hurt anyone, I say go for it.
    Do you ever suck his dick while he takes a shit?
  5. NovexusPrime

    NovexusPrime Grand Poobah

  6. NikeGirl

    NikeGirl Member

    That doesn't work. Shit does not flow unless the body is relaxed.
  7. bigdaddyo

    bigdaddyo Member

    So you've tried it? I only ask because of the slang word Blumpkin which means a blow job while taking a shit.
  8. Cloud Tiger

    Cloud Tiger Member

    hahaha there's a word for everthing. thank you urban dictionary
    somethings i just dont want to watch my partner do, and taking a dump is one of them
  9. no
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  10. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    I have been tempted to open the door when my wife is in the toilet peeing & see what she does then ? But we have a lock on our bathroom door as there are other family members who live with us, we have a lock on the door that we use to stop others coming in while doing what we need to in there.
  11. silk896

    silk896 Member

    Peeing can be fun as a voyeuristic exercise.

    I might enjoy anal sex, but POO IS PRIVATE.
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  12. Alternative_Thinker

    Alternative_Thinker Darth Mysterious

    Peeing can be a turn-on, and I'd enjoy watching my partner pee if such an opportunity arose. I'm sure it will in the future, on multiple occasions, lol.

    Now, defecation is another matter entirely. This is not something that would turn me on. However, if my girl ever decided to allow me to watch her do that, I'd perceive it as a sign that she trusts me deeply, and that her emotional comfort level around me is that high. In which case, I'd be honoured and would appreciate her that much more.
  13. JassieLeigh

    JassieLeigh Member

    No no no no no no no no no.
  14. If I could get a partner I would do anything. Even watch her shit if that is necessary to keep her.
  15. That's a BIG fantasy of mine. To either take a dump and let my partner watch, or to watch my partner take a dump. Peeing with the bathroom door open is pretty commonplace for people that have been together for awhile; so it's not a big deal.

    But of course, it has to be a good long solid dump. That's what makes the fantasy/dream that much more intense.
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  16. Tom1

    Tom1 Member

    All the time... get nothing sexual out of it though. Its more like a social occasion... if im in the bath for instance and she needs one she just comes in and has one. We talk etc whilst she is having it. And vica a versa she does for me.
  17. That would be called being comfortable with your partner. :) As I said, peeing with the door open is not a big deal. Having a dump can be a little embarassing though.
  18. JimInPhila

    JimInPhila Member

    I have a good buddy who was staying with me for awhile. We were totally cool with peeing in front of each other. In fact, there were lots of "Hey, move over" times while drinking beer.
    Believe that you really have to be comfortable with yourself to be able to take a dump in front of someone else. I can't do it. My buddy never closed the door when he was relieving his bowels. Like I said, he has a level of comfortableness with himself that I can only wish I had.
    If I mentioned it to him, he'd come out with a funny remark and we both would be laughing.
    --"What, your shit smells like roses?,"
    --"Why should I be the only one to enjoy the smell?,"
    --"Oh, you sit in a different position on the toilet?"
    His idea was, "We all do it, it's no big deal." I really envy him. He's right.
    Stupid societal standards.
  19. True....but I think in Europe, even they have bathroom doors...and there is that to think about.

    It all depends on comfort level (or how much money you have...some escorts can do anything); and your diet. You could eat kale for days and have very unappealing bowel movements. And you could also eat nothing but redmeat and potatoes, with peppers and paprika...and still have the same thing. It's all in how you/your partner do it.

    I've never been one for the BDSM/loose stool thing. To me, it's NOT humiliation or domination that gets involved. It's in mutual enjoyment of the mess.
  20. redridinggirl

    redridinggirl Members

    i let my man piss on watching is not optional :)
    watching him shit is something i sometimes do...i am kinda into scat..

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