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Discussion in 'Performing Arts' started by hiphopforrespect, Jan 3, 2005.

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    Has anyone had the opportunity to play a fretless Warwick bass? I personally like the tone and the feel more than any other fretless I've ever picked up. I've tried the Fenders, the Peaveys, the MusicMans, but nothing is on par with the Warwicks.

    You can get everything from a double bass sound to a really clear trebly type sound. The pickups on their fretless basses are passive but most people wouldn't even be able to tell. (I think active pickups are a waste of time anyway)

    And for a really different sound you can try slapping on their fretlesses. It's still sound weird but it's nowhere near as muddy as slapping on the other brands of fretless basses.

    If anyone else can agree or disagree with this it'd be cool.
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    I really don't think you can beat a warwick... Musicmans are too damn heavy for longs lengths of time... I see some switch between using their musicman and to a fender bass or something lighter, sometimes, for gigs and concerts.

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